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[2019.3.10] A Return to Form

Blog Post

  Can I just say that this is one of the messiest, most ratchet sites ever?   Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with what WorldAnvil is bringing to the table; who else is attempting to do what they're doing? I mean, there are others sure but there's a reason that I cast my lot in with WA, a reason why I've spent dozens upon dozens of hours attempting to curate an experience to lay out the world that my friend Carter and I have spent the last three years (and going) cultivating our world.   But damn if I never want to actually write in this place. Do you know that I have as many as twenty or so unpublished articles which have remained so since as far back as last summer, all because the prospect of formatting them was that bad?   So yeah. Messy. I mean, reading this is probably giving you a headache because the text width is so far, you can easily lose your spot on the page!   Agh. That's not what I really wanted to write about. What I was actually hoping to do was make some new commitments, ring in the new year, and begin anew with a vigor to actually post things about the world of Halûme. I'll be honest and say there's no way that's happening tonight. Not until I figure out the CSS nightmare that is this site.   But I'm going to try. I am really, really going to try. I care about chronicling the things of Halûme–there's a part of me that wants to live the dream, that wants to ensure that it becomes my life's work.   Not much to post about, but hey. Until I can get my claws around this mess, the articles won't be flowing. Until then, sit tight and we'll see where this goes.   -JH  

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