Character Creation

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How do I get started in The Hallowed?

Creating your character is rather simple. This guide will take you through step by step, but don’t forget to involve your game master in your character creation as well! They may have ideas that will help you shape your character and better fit the campaign they’ve spent time creating.


by Roberto Nickson

The first thing you should do is read “Welcome to The Hallowed,” but once you’ve done that, start thinking of a concept for your character. The Hallowed is a large continent, but the official campaign begins in Caily Beach and the rest of this guide assumes you are following this campaign.

  What brings you to the beach? If you’re on holiday, what are you escaping from? If you live or work in Caily Beach, are you purposefully looking for an easy life on the beach or did you just end up there? Is your character seeking something? Fame, knowledge, self-discovery?  


Machinated Mortals

There are a number of species the Gods have created since the beginning of The Hallowed. Some are more humanoid, some are more bestial. Click on the race to see more information about homelands, culture, and more.
Paaqir Touched


All classes will soon have a setting-specific subclass.
  • Barbarian: Path of the Mire Brawler
  • Bard: College of Piracy, College of Miremancy
  • Cleric: Frost Domain, Artisan Domain
  • Druid: Circle of Agriculture, Circle of Tourism
  • Fighter: Farmer, Gearhead
  • Monk: Way of the Mechanized Fist
  • Paladin: Oath of the Greater Good
  • Ranger: Frost Enclave Conclave
  • Rogue: Fence, Smuggler
  • Sorcerer: Miremantic Mind, Syl Soul, Blessed Bloodline
  • Warlock: Vestige Patron, Paaqir Patron
  • Wizard: Order of Puppetmasters, School of Skysage


More backgrounds coming soon.
  • Legacy: Due to fighting in the War of Burning Winds, your family name has become a legacy and somewhat well-known. You may have been the one in the war, or it may have been a parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. Although not a noble position, it's as close as some families may get.
  • Paaqir Conspirator: Whether fighting for the Paaqir in the war, working as a cultist, or praying to the Magi for aid, a conspirator is looking forward to the return. They hope to aid in the reopening of the Firelands and become a trusted secondhand to one of the Paaqir Magi when the world turns.
  • UKF Performer: You were either a coach or speaker in the Underground Kikri Fighting competitions on the Nael Islands. Were you incredibly successful, an underdog, or a failure? Come on champ, tell us your story.
  • Settled: You were comfy in your home. Perhaps you were living it up in Caily Beach, had a well-paying job selling snow cones in Tosky Fort, or ran a farmstead in the Muael Plains with your lovely family; however, something has changed. A call for adventure, a fire through the cornfields, maybe a disagreement with your parents, and now you're off into the unknown.
  • Courier: You're one of the brave couriers of The Hallowed, taking deliveries from coast to coast no matter the weather, weakness, or war. You may be part of one of the courier guilds, or you may be a freelance courier taking whatever gigs fit the bill. Are you above or below the table, and do you have a limit on what you'll deliver?
  • Filling out your sheet

    If you’ve never filled out a character sheet before, you’re not alone! Your fellow players may be kind enough to help you out in this case, but if not there’s a great tutorial here by Ivy James.

    Standard Hallowed Archetypes

    Each area of The Hallowed has certain archetypes that have become expected from the people there. This doesn't mean you have to choose this race and class if you want to play as a character from a certain area, The Hallowed is incredibly diverse and every race can generally be found anywhere.