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The Gulf of Zuros

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At the fringes of the Ultima Segmentum, stands the Gulf of Zuros. It acts as important transit hub to the galactic East. The Imperium rule over this system with an iron grip, their chief watchers, The shadowy Ordos of the Inquisition. Though this system is not a place of peace, in recent times the internal strife has grown. Men and women once loyal to the God Emperor now swear their loyalty to the renegade, the xenos and other darker masters.   The inquisition must continue its never end vigil to safe guard the souls of the gulf, though there are too few to wage with war alone. So their allies support them, from the loyal retinue members that have served next to them for a lifetime, to promising acolytes pulled from the gulf to serve their new unknown masters. Should their ire be raised then the retribution falls to the super humans of the Adeptus Astartes and loyal members of the Tempestus Scions.   Though in the darkness things older and worst that than Inquisitors greatest fears have flourished. For every member of the light casts a shadow and the darkness has moulded those shadows into the opposite of good.   Who will control the Gulf, only time will tell?