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Standard Template Construct

A Standard Template Construct (STC) system was an advanced, artificially intelligent computer database created during the Dark Age of Technology said to have contained the sum total of human scientific and technological knowledge. Introduced during humanity's peak, before the onset of the Age of Strife, an STC allowed workers to build anything from a Lasgun to a fortified bunker or the fearsome interstellar warships now used by the Imperial Navy. An STC system was possessed by every group of human interstellar colonists before the Age of Strife, allowing them to build all of the equipment necessary for survival on an untamed colony planet. During the Age of Strife the systems fell into disuse, were damaged or destroyed, and so became increasingly rare, until they were lost entirely.   In the Age of the Imperium, after so many thousands of Terran years, it is unlikely that any have survived fully intact. What technological knowledge remains from the Dark Age of Technology survives only in the form of STC hard-copies, many of which have been preserved and copied over thousands of standard years by the Tech-priests of Mars, who believe that STCs are the most holy of artifacts, gifts to Mankind from the Machine God. Fragments of an STC are highly sought after by multitudes of individuals and organizations, and as such are supremely valuable.


STC's contain the information required to manufacture a variety of objects, from powerful personal armor to improved warp drives.


STC's cannot be manufactured due to the technological restrictions of the Imperium.
Access & Availability
Undiscovered fragments of the technology are lay dormant, scattered throughout the galaxy, typically in the most dangerous of ruins and inhospitable of wastelands.
STC's are remnants from the DAOT, and as such are incomprehensible to all but the most brilliant of Tech-Priests and xenos scientists.
Developed during the DAOT by pre-Age of Strife humanity.

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