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Van Kan Family

The Van Kan family is known for their adventurous tendencies. Their company employs some of the most skilled and craziest captains throughout Pangeria and their sanity is only rivaled by the Teuta. These adventures have found vast hordes of treasure in the mountains of Uuper Brahhruu. Many of the mining operations on the continent are funded by the Van Kan family. If it wasn't for the riches found in Uuper Brahhruu many other families believe the Van Kan's would have lost their position as a Head of the Sea years ago due to failed ventures.


At the base of the Silver River lies the coastal city of Noorland. The city is an important trading hub between the Teuta and The Company, while also becoming a melting pot for different races from Antaauustret, Uuper Brahhruu and Nog Hhreud. It was Otto Van Kan that was sent by the Heads of the Sea to arrest Cornelius for his crimes. It was by Ottos hands that Cornelius was drowned. As a reward for his ability to quickly end the violence, the Van Kan Family was asked to establish Noorland for The Company.
Van Kan
The castle of Van Kan is the newly founded home of the Van Kan Family. The castle lies in the most north western part of Antaauustret, the city was constructed to be home to the family vault that is said to be home to one of the largest troves of treasure in Pangeria.

In the Depths Lie Riches

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Mad Men of the Sea
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Family Leader
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