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Confederation of Drav

The Confederation of Drav were a proud warrior nation that once held the lands from Ruse to Te Ford. For hundred of years they fought off invasion from the other tribes of man as they held the north western end of Nog Hhreud.

Heads Of Government

The Six Marshal Of Drav

The territory held by the Confederation is divided up into six districts with each of these districts being governed by a marshal.

History Of The Downfall

For decades the Confederation fended off invasion from the other tribes of man. When the Kingdom of Frontonce was established the people of Drav united to form the Confederation. Dozens of tribes gathered for the good of their people and marched south to meet the forces of Frontonce. Years went by as the confederation and the Kingdom became locked in a stalemate. The Kingdom of Frontonce would use this to shift their focus to the east and conquered the aloof Principality of Regnis. Unfortunately the Confederation had no interest in acquiring new lands and allowed the Kingdom to expand. With the newly aquired Ossen fleet, the Kingdom was able to launch a two front offensive that ended in the destruction of Confederations army. The six marshals were put to death and for the next 20 years the Drav experienced a brutal occupation by the Kingdom.

We do not Kneel

1059 BEM - 630 BEM

Political, Confederation

The Six Districts of Drav

  • Ruse
  • Sovar
  • The Burg
  • Sonik
  • Zadiv
  • Targovo

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