Embassy to Lincoln

Diplomatic action

Spring A.D. 487

The knights go on an embassy to Lincoln with King Uther and help him win the loyalty of Duke Corneus. Sir Gaius met Sir Barda and learned more of Lady Arwen.

Sir Roderick invited the knights to go with him as part of King Uther's embassy to Lincoln. On the journey there, Sir Bradwen spoke with Merlin about the magic bag and learned that there was a famous Holy Man in Cornwall named Reece who knew the location of every treasure in Britain.   Duke Corneus was not in Lincoln when the embassy arrived. During the week they awaited his arrival, Sir Gaius was found by Sir Barda, a knight from Malahaut and the father of Lady Arwen. Barda revealed to Gaius that Arwen had returned to him, but was sick with love for Gaius and in despair that she might never find him. Gaius bought her gifts and agreed to marry her.   Upon Duke Corneus's arrival, a feast was held and the knights and Merlin told the story of Excalibur, greatly impressing Corneus who agreed to give his support to Uther for the High Kingship of Britain.   After the feast, Sir Roderick told the knights that he had chosen them to go as representatives of Uther to Tintagel in Cornwall to tell Duke Gorlois of the sword Excalibur.

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