The Knighting of Sir Bradwen, Sir Gaius, Sir Maelog, and Sir Monroe

Life, Milestone

A.D. 484

In this year, Sir Bradwen, Sir Gaius, Sir Monroe, and Sir Maelog were knighted.

In 484 Sir Elad finished training squires Bradwen, Maelog, and Monroe and sent them to deal with a man-eating bear in the village of Imber. The young squires successfully hunted the bear with the help of the village priest Old Garr. After their victory, they were attacked by a group of bandits, who claimed to be peasants displaced by Saxon raiding. The squires captured the bandits and brought them to Sir Elad, who congratulated them on their success.   Upon their return, Sir Elad told Maelog and Monroe that their father needed to speak to them urgently. They rode home and learned that Sir Maxwell had been captured at the Battle of Eburacum by the Saxons, and though he was rescued in the Battle of Mount Damen, he was dying of his wounds. Maxwell charged Monroe to be merciful to Maelog, and then died.   Meanwhile, Sir Elad charged Bradwen with the care of the captured bandits, who were to be brought to Sarum at the Christmas Feast.   This same year, Gaius served duty at the court of Sir Roderick, though he made no great impression. He did, however, make use of his time to try and woo a young woman named Madlen. Her brother Aeron believed Gaius had behaved inappropriately towards her and challenged him to a duel, which Gaius lost. He would have been killed, had not Madlen begged Aeron to spare Gaius's life.   Later that year, Gaius learned that his father has disappeared without a trace at the Battle of Mount Damen.   At the Christmas Feast, Sir Roderick announced that he intended to grant knighthood to several young squires, which included Bradwen, Gaius, Maelog, and Monroe.

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