The Invasion of Frankland

Military action

Summer A.D. 488

The knights travel with Prince Madoc to France to aid Praetor Syagrius, and during their journey they get to know three Cornwall knights.

Fulfilling the word of King Uther to Praetor Syagrius, Prince Uther led forces to France to help Syagrius against his Frankish foes. Duke Gorlois sent a small contingent of knights and footmen, led by Sir Brithael, Sir Jordan, and Sir Ralf, to help and Prince Madoc put these knights under Sir Bradwen, a clear insult to the Cornwall knights. Nevertheless, they swallowed their pride and spent their time getting to know our knights, even making some friendly wagers with them.   On the journey to France, our knights overheard Prince Madoc and his council arguing about something and heard Madoc say, "Two weeks or one city. No more!"   As the council departed, Sir Monroe spoke with Count Roderick, asking him about relations with Cornwall. Roderick told him that war was always a possibility.   In France, Praetor Syagrius asked for forces to help him attack a Frankish army his scouts had spotted, and Sir Bradwen and his companions volunteered. They joined battle at Giverny. Bradwen led the knights who had been put under him with great valor and they single-handedly captured the enemy camp, quickly securing victory over the Franks.   After several days, the larger force from Logres, along with Syagrius's forces, laid siege Bayeux and captured the city. Flush with this conquest, Praetor Syagrius rode to Madoc and told him that King Claudas of the Franks was marching on his forces at Rouen. Syagrius called Madoc to join him in fighting Claudas for glory and treasure, but Prince Madoc proudly told him that the forces of Logres would return home, speaking of the Saxon threat and hinting that Duke Gorlois and Cornwall were traitors. Cursing him and his betrayal, Preateor Syagrius rode off to face the Franks alone.   Concerned with what he had heard from Count Roderick and Prince Maddock, Sir Monroe wrote a letter to Lady Ygraine in Cornwall, warning her of the very real possibility that King Uther would invade.

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