The Adventure of the Wizard Bag


Spring A.D. 488

Sir Bradwen and his friends go in disguise to Lord Gwawl's wedding and Sir Bradwen wins the hand of Lady Rhiannon.

Relying on the help of Lady Lisafleur's great skill with industry, our knights are disguised as ladies and go to the wedding feast of Lord Gwawl and Lady Rhiannon so disguised. Sir Bradwen goes under the name Lady Anna and Sir Gaius as Lady Gaia. Through the feast, Lady Malene and Lady Gaia help Bradwen by arranging to get Lord Gwawl outrageously drunk and spreading rumors about his foul deeds. At the last, "Lady Anna" confronts Gwawl, asking a favor of him. Gwawl, though very drunk, is reluctant to agree, but "Lady Anna" implied he was too much a coward. The rumors having reached him and his pride being insulted, Gwawl agreed and was asked to step into the bag which they had acquired from Ligach the Dwarf. Gwawl, reluctantly, fulfilled his word and complied. Immediately, "Lady Anna" pulled the bag up over Gwawl and demanded that he release his claim on Rhiannon. The party, having been stirred up by Bradwen's companions, jeered at Gwawl and demanded he comply. Moreover, the press of the crowd kept his knights at bay when Gwawl called for them. Finally, Gwawl agreed and "Lady Anna" pressed him further, demanding that he never bother Rhiannon again. This, unfortunately, he would not promise, but having given his word, Bradwen had to let him go.   Rhiannon now free, Bradwen and her were married the next day.

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