Merlin (a.k.a. Merlinus)

Merlin is High Druid of Britain and was once magical advisor to King Uther. His magical assistance was critical in defeating the Saxons at Mt. Damon. In 486 he met Sir Bradwen, Sir Gaius, and Sir Monroe in disguise as a goatherd named Kite and with their unwitting assistance acquired the Sword Excalibur from Lady Nineve.   At the Christmas Feast in Salisbury of 486, he gave the sword Excalibur to King Uther.   More recently, in 491 he used his magic to help Uther and Ygraine have their tryst in Tintagel and took the son that was conceived as payment in 492. However, King Uther declared this an act of treason and exiled Merlin.