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Musings of an Archivar

"I see you've moved on from being paralyzed in fear. About time, to be honest. You were frozen for...tsk what is that time measurement your people use again? Oh, right! Days. You were frozen for days. Or perhaps it just felt like that for me. I see time a bit...different compared to most. Especially mortals like you."   "And now you've gone over to asking about my humble abode. Quick turn there, my friend. I expected another reaction. Anger. Fury. Maybe a vengeful and dramatic, yet utterly futile attempt at hurting me. But you seem inquisitive more than anything else. Curious. Curious. Maybe that stay in the Void affected you more than I thought... Ah, no matter. Very well. I cannot remain silent in the face of a thirst for knowledge."   "Why I made this place? The name says it, does it not? The Great Library! A place of knowledge. To collect the worlds I have found interest in and display them for both your pleasure and mine own. Time is such a bore. Always buries and crushes that which has passed. No sense for interest or intrigue. But I preserve. Keep it all safe and in a place that is...well, not easily accessible. But still accessible. And I do not bury stuff. Look at any world you wish and gaze upon its past, future and present. Any of its secrets and hidden trinkets. The motivations of its empires, thoughts of its people, all is laid bare to you."   "Don't look at me like that! With that mixture of judgment and disdain. It's not like I am hurting you and others. You wouldn't even notice where you are if not for that unfortunate accident. And I mean that quite honestly. Your minds literally cannot breach the veil boundary of a world. You are an exception now since you...well, fell into nothingness. Gazed into the abyss, as one of your world's authors once said, I believe."   "You are quite fortunate it did not gaze back. I was not kidding when I said that I am preserving worlds. Not just from Time's endless onslaught. There are other things moving in the Void. And do not think for a second that I would not throw you out without a care, if not for the nice opportunity you provide. I don't often have the chance to hear feedback. So look around! Visit my exhibits! Tell me what you like and dislike and think could use improvement."   "But keep one thing in mind. You are here entirely at my mercy. And while I am a rather forgiving person, there are things even I will not tolerate. Insignificant as you are, there is still damage that you can do. Be aware that I will notice any attempt to meddle with the worlds I have collected. Any change, even if it is merely the pattern of dust falling within a room, will have consequences. So watch your step. Have fun."
Everything is insignificant in a way. A bacteria when compared to an ant. An ant when compared to a man. A man when compared to a star. A star when compared to the cosmos. All insignificant. And then there is me.
— The Archivar

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Cover image: by Veikka Somerma


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2 Sep, 2023 07:35

Nice little snapshot intro. It could use some breaking up of the text.