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Yatyanism or the Cult of Yatyan is one of the most powerful and fear religions in all of Ularr. It is a monotheistic faith centered around Yatyan an all-powerful god of creation. Yatyan is most commonly depicted as a tall human in white robes; the left side of “his” body appears female, while the right looks male Yatyanism is a cruel faith, all crimes are punishable by death, and yatyan requires human sacrifices every month. Yatyanisim wasn't always that way though. In the past, it was a prestigious and kind faith devoted to peace and liberation.


The high priests of Yatyan are in charge of both the temple hierarchy as well as the Suberian government.

Public Agenda

To spread the worship of Yatyan far and wide and to kill all the refuse their great God.

Mythology & Lore

10,000 years age Yatyan brought light to the darkness of the void and created Ularr. He then spat upon the bare earth of the world and from his saliva can forth all of life. Of course this conflict with all of the magical studies that Lucids and other magic users have done. The followers of Yatyan also refuse to believe that there are other worlds in the void, claiming that all extra worldly creatures are blasphemous deamons and horrible monsters.

Divine Origins

Yatyenism can find it's origins in the religious beliefs of a large desert tribe that lived in the land now claimed by Silria. Many parts of it have also been taken from nage mythology. Yatyenism wasn't always as demanding as it is today. Only in the past century, has it's former tenants of purity and kindness dissolved into cruelty.

Cosmological Views

At the center of the universe is Yatyan, a massive being of light and power. In his cupped hands he holds the world of Ularr. Beyond the shield of his light is eternal darkness from which horrible deamons and monsters come. In this darkness just beyond Yatyan's light are hell-worlds, places infested by deamons and the spirits of the damned.

Tenets of Faith

Past Tenets

In the past yatyanists believed in tenets of forgiveness and purity. Yatyenism was very similar to the ideas of Christianity, yatyan was the lord an savior of the people, and he will forgive all. In the deep roots of Yatyenism, it was polytheistic, the ancient nage worshiped many gods, who represented different aspects of the modern idea of Yatyan.

Modern Tenets

In the past century, the rise of Silria's theocrasy has warped the past ideas of yatyenism. Currently, a true yatyanist must pay tribute to the lord in the form of some valuable object. Those that can not provide such a gift must give their own blood of the blood of others.

The Sorinian Hideout

In Silria yatyenism is the established and mandatory religion, But outside the nation, it's stance is quite different. In the nation of Sorinia, the cult of Yatyan has established a militarized base in the city Estralar. They have holed up in a defensible tower over Presidents' av. and have so far evaded or defeated any attacks by the Sorinia police and military.

All Hail Yatyan, the creator!

Religious, Cult
Parent Organization

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