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Jefath Gidax

Jefath Hanil Gidax

Jefath Gidax is a wealthy Quantanian and owner of several mines of Auton steel, the largest of wicth is the mine at Yensen. He has a near monopoly on Auton steel, giving him some power over The World Federation of Quantan. He has a bad reputation with The People of Algoria, and is as littlre better then a slaver with the treatment of his workers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He inheirited his father's wealth and two algorian mines at 23, and continued his work with the algorian mines. He founded Yensen . Yensen's mine made a lot of money, and he prospered because of that. One of his other mine was a large success as well, and he bought up more mines. This has continued thriughout his life, and now he is one of the most wealthy people on Quantan .


He was educated well, because he lived on Quantan and his father was fairly wealthy.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Geting a near monoploy on Auton steel.

Personality Characteristics


His motivation seems to be to gather wealth.

Wealth & Financial state

He has great wealth, and owns 13 sizable algorian mines out of the 18 that exist. Because of these mines, he gets lots of money. His workers have low salarys, meaning he does not loose much because of that.
Current Location
Current Residence
Other Affiliations

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