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Ice Goblin Chief

The chief of an ice goblin clan is treated with great respect. Most clans live in caves in the sides of mountains, although some of them take over towns, like the ones that took over The town hall of Arganoth. The ice goblin chiefs have huge hoards of treasure that the clan stole. Unlike other leaders of organizations, ice goblin chiefs stand in the lead of their clan, and fight just as hard as the rest of the goblins. If a chief dies in battle their child takes their place. If they do not have a child, the goblins usually get in a big argument about who is the new chief. A chiefs job is to punish anyone who steps out of line.


An ice goblin must beat the current chief in a fight.


The chief must make sure no one steps out of line.


The chiefs of a clan get lots of respect, and a large amount of what the clan stole.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The ice goblin chiefs wear clothes that the goblins in the clan stole, and carry staffs.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If an ice goblin chief is beat in a yearly fight between the ice goblins that want to become chief, and the ice goblin chief, the chief must step down from their position. Another thing that can get a chief in trouble is breaking one of the clans strict rules.

Cultural Significance

Most clans treat the chief like a king, giving them gold and other objects they stole. Rarely if the ice goblins feel mistreated they turn on the chief, and try to bring them down from the throne.

The Booyag

The Booyag is a yearly festival that all ice goblin clans do. During the festival goblins of the clans fist fight with their chiefs. If a goblin beats the chief they fight other ones that beat the chief, until their is only one left, the winner and the new chief.
Civic, Honorific
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