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Cloud Throne

It doesn't always take a lucid to create a floating island. Skilled craftsmen and magicians can, if they have the right materials and knowledge, create a device capable of creating such a landmass. These machines often come in the form of a throne, thus the name cloud throne.  


  Cloud thrones are both challenging and dangerous to create. Someone willing to embark on this journey must be willing to play with forces far beyond human understanding, forfeit their mind, body, and soul in the process.   The most difficult part of creating a cloud throne is figuring out how. The power of the Void bars any mortal from telling or otherwise communicating how to create a cloud throne to any other mortal. In order to get sure information, one must travel to places far beyond the Void’s reach. In places deep in the darkness it is said that the secrets can be found scrawled on the walls of primeval caverns and rock-faces. Such locations are often guarded by powerful deamons, who enjoy toying with the mortals that come seeking their knowledge, or simply eating them. Such locations are known to be somewhere on Retex as well as a few other hell worlds.   If someone can get their hands on the recipe, they then must find the materials. There are countless ways of creating a cloud throne, each one with different rare components, but the one necessary material is the fragment of void energy. Most people use the tactics of stealing/buying a pre-existing Void fragment, given that creating one is almost impossible for normal people.   After all the resources and knowledge has been gathered, the craftsperson finally gets to do what they do best, craft. The chair itself is just the form, the most important part of this step is to develop a magical field of invisible energy to prevent the void fragment from escaping. If all goes as planned, this mortal now has a chance to be a demigod, but making the fancy chair was only the beginning of their dangerous journey to godhood.  


  In order to give a cloud throne its power, the creator must store a fragment of raw void energy in the throne. This fragment is a sentient entity that might not be all that happy to be bound to a stone chair. Without the correct measures a cloud throne might turn against its creator and go “rogue”.   Rogue cloud thrones can be extremely dangerous. Like the rest of the Void, the fragments inside these chairs are chaotic, hyper-emotional beings. Although rogue cloud thrones are at heart benevolent, they see humans as humans see ants. They don’t go out of their way to destroy them, but don’t care if they accidentally wipe out a civilization or two while they go on a joyride through the cosmos.   Thrones under the “control” of humans learn to value their lives more, but they will still view them as inferior. Most thrones see their creators as pets, feeding them and giving them love and care, but preventing them from leaving the island of their own creation. Rarely a human can forge a truly sincere friendship with their cloud throne, allowing them to see each other as equals and work towards a common goal.


  From the vantage of a cloud throne, its user can control any natural aspect of the island it is on. These powers are similar to those a lucid might have over an area, but more limited in scope.   Only the mightiest cloud thrones have the power to create living things, but most can only modify pre-existing life forms. All thrones can change the shape of the land on their island, create or disperse weather events or conditions, and move or turn its island in any direction.   The area a cloud throne can affect depends on the skill and magic of its creator. Most thrones can create a 3-5 square mile area, while the mightiest can control entire worlds. The potential of the magic items is seemingly unlimited, and the throne often manifests powers not intended for them to possess. A lucid on a cloud throne can amplify their power, to world-shaking ends.
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