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The land beneath us came alive, it was then we realized that we had been trading on the hand of a giant
— an unfortunate explorer
  Once sentinals of nature in the glory days of Araborea, now the Arkubus protect a twisted and evil land.  

Defered Perpose

  In ancient times, before the dark ages, the lucid Yasin created the Arkubus to defend the lands of araborea. They tasked these living mountains with guarding the sacred places and aiding the people of the world.   When the darkness came, and the land became overcome with the fungal plagues, the Arkubus did battle with the deamonic forces. However, when the fungal plagues came and the land that titans were tied to corrupted, they too fell to the Dark's power. Now they defend the twisted reflections of their land, and occasionally mobilize against quantanise invaders.  


  Arkubus are walking mountains, standing hundreds of feet tall. Most wear whatever holy site they were formerly tasked to protect on their backs. Most are of a anthropomorphic shape, some have extra arms or heads. Thier limbs mean little to them, as they can always be regenerated. The only way to truely kill an arkubus is to shatter the crystal that is embeded deep within one's chest.

Known Arkubus

  Trad: Former gaurdian of the central islands, destroyed by The Federation.   Nolmard: One of the three gaurdians of the outer islands. Has 3 arms.   Horsald: Protector of the outerislands. 2 headed.   Stemyarn: Thrid protector of the outer islands. Permenentaly wounded, famous for its death ray.   The Keeper: Lord of The Shining Caves, the only sane one.

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