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Alivian Dress

Written by Sodose

Simplicity is a rare commodity in Alivia
— Inter-World Fashionista

Ultimate Expression

  In the distant world of Alivia clothing goes far beyond a means of covering one's body. An Alivian outfit expresses its wearer's soul and true nature. Like the people they represent these elaborate costumes are ridiculously complex, involving dozens of parts and saturated with color. Beyond their vibrate pallet, these outfits possess minor magical proprieties when worn by the right person.   One's outfit is a magical extension of their soul. Its form reflects the innermost nature of the wearer, and when donned by its intended user, it can offer special magical powers (personal theme music, sound effects, momentary illusions of collateral damage; the works!). An outfit can also change if its person goes through deep personal change.    

A Rite of Passage

  As a child reaches adulthood their spirit begins to lose its innate magical energy. Once this degradation reaches a certain point (as determined by community elders) the child undergoes and ritual called "The Sewing". These elders, who of course are arcane costume
designers use ancient magic to seperate part of the beneficiary’s soul from their body and place it in a bland-looking tunic. At the end of this ceremony, the tunic transforms into a new set of alivian clothes.  

Lossing your Hat

  Although misplacing your own soul is a difficult thing to do, theft of alivian clothes is not unheard of. This crime is often committed by outsiders who are unaware of the clothing's power or by those ready to use the clothing for blackmail. One can't wear clothes made for someone else without extreme pain however, thus theft is a rare occurrence.   The reclaiming of one's clothing and the punishment of the thief is a personal matter

The Sewing

  1. Three gifted individuals stand in a circle around the beneficiary.
  2. A ritual chant is recited thrice and the beneficiary falls unconscious.
  3. A tunic to brought placed on the beneficiary and a new ritual chant is recited thrice as the tunic transforms into a new set of Alivian clothes.
and the law is on the side of the victim no matter how they choose to handle it. Those that fail to regain their outwear must either wear something else and live as an outcast, or personally recreate a set of clothes and find a way to migrate their soul to it. The Sewing can't be performed on the same person twice, so that option is off the table.
  The Void: The space between the Worlds. It is a raw soup of potential magical energy and creative power.   The Gifted: People born with special magical powers.   Worlds: Groups of large floating islands that drift through The Void.   Lucids: Individuals whose creative power is so great that they can reshape the unmade energy of The Void. Effectively The Great Dream's equivalent to gods.   Alivia: A world heavily affected The Void's magic. It draws its inspiration from Studio Ghibli films and the Amulet graphic novel series.

Status Marks

  Given that every Alivian outfit is both equally unique and magnificent, alivians need other ways to signify status. The most common ways of doing so are through hair color and tattoos.   Pinks and purples often signify wealth while reds and yellows show more average status. The market for these dyes is greatly skewed make pink and purple dyes more than ten times and expensive as those bought on other worlds.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 May, 2021 19:23

Nice article, I like the idea of literally putting your soul into clothes :D   The css is very cheerful and I wasn't expecting th article to be in the same world as your plant XD   " personal theme music, sound effects, momentary illusions of collateral damage; the works!" This sounds really fun XD Though cities are probably VERY noisy XD Are there laws about when they are allowed to use those special effects?   Does "septet" means that they cut one seventh?   It's interesting that you've considered how this would impact status markers. I imagine that all dyes are astromically expensive, otherwise it would be easy for someone to save up until they can afford it once and then ride up on the exalted status…   I don't think you've mentioned if the clothes are all in one piece or if they can form separate clothing elements that are somehow still magically bound together?

18 May, 2021 12:23

Hey Amélie.   I sort of realized the noise issue while I was writing that, maybe the music is just in their head :)   My whole world is sort of about contrast. Reality was created by the dream and nightmares of the people that live in it, so we get all sorts of stuff and all genres of everything.   Sept is just a type, that for catching it!   The dyes are expensive, but the main thing keeping people from doing what you're talking about is the fact that Alivia doesn’t have the technology to make long-lasting hair dyes, they come out after a few days, and then your back at square one, except this time you are 100 percent broke.   To clarify the outfit consist of many many pieces. I based this article on anime fashion, but not “One Piece”.   Thanks for your comments!

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18 May, 2021 10:05

Great article! Putting part of your soul into an outfit which make it transform is a pretty interesting concept. Theft must indeed be a quite horrible experience then. I wonder though why are they forced to live as outcasts without the outfit as they are not at fault themselves?   I am also curious as the how one can migrate the soul from the previous outfit without knowing its location.

Feel free to check out my costume entry. :)
18 May, 2021 12:23

Hello Kefkejaco.   I’m glad you like my article. In Alivia it is seen as your fault that your clothes got stolen, you were the one that was careless enough to give the thieves the opportunity. (It’s flawed logic, the humans are flawed beings). T   The simple answer to your usher question is that you don’t, and that part of yourself is pertinently lost to you.   Thank you for the comments!

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24 May, 2021 08:27

This is a really interesting article! I love the importance the clothing takes, its really fascinating. The fact that the law always sides with a victim in a case of theft, no matter what punishment is chosen, sounds like it might lead to some very brutal situations- I'd be curious to know what the most common punishments are!

Author of Interarcanum and the Shakiraverse
26 May, 2021 12:30

Thanks! I might add a sidebar about that...

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24 May, 2021 21:47

Oh that's just plain evil, blaming victims! And sounds real sad and painful, to lose part of your soul to common thieves.   Note to self: Find vindictive person. Steal clothes. Plant on someone else. Watch the ensuing carnage.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young   Costume Challenge Entry: As Superpowered troops on an alien planet, the Battle Spears wear a uniform capable of handling all they face
26 May, 2021 12:29

Your not the first person to hatch such a plot :)

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26 May, 2021 03:16

I really enjoy this outfit! The concept of the soul in the clothes is quite interesting, and I think it makes it better with the addition of the ritual. The Sewing is cool, and having it be only possible once adds such importance to the ritual. It really makes the soul, which is obviously intrinsic to the outfit, have real weight to it.   I also have to say, having those that wear it who are not the one that put their soul into it be damaged by the outfit also adds to this idea. I think this is a major strength. I must ask, in relation to the soul, how much of ones soul is placed into the outfit? Since it is part of ones soul, would there be a limit to how many times one would be able to make one of these, if they find a way aside from the Sewing, before there is not enough soul to make another outfit? And if so, would there be some repercussions for the person for losing so much of the soul?

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6 Jun, 2021 12:59

Hey Jarhead!   Thank you for your comments. To answer your question, the amount of one's soul that is put into the cloths is unknown to the practitioners of these rituals, however, those that have made themselves multiple sets of clothes do tend to age faster and are more vulnerable to mental illness.

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