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United Galaxy Templar Armed Forces (Templar Magic Force)

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will cover how the Templar Magic Force works, their role within the Templar Armed Force, and their strategies.
May the power flow through me, shall I gain its strength. May my gift shatter enemy formations, since thou shall face my wrath.
— Motto of the Magic force
  The Templar Magic Force is one of the smallest military formations within Templar Armed Forces, while they aren’t as important compared to the Templar Elites and the Templar Knights they are at times necessary, by creating massive energy domes that can protect an advancing army from artillery barrages, or creating a massive energy beam to break enemy formations.



The total amount of personnel within the formation is unknown since they want to make the enemy to think the Armed forces has an abundance of them; however the there is a rough estimate on what type of species is a part of the formation.   70% Droger   30% Humans


The equipment can be different depending on the planet the infantry force is stationed at. However, the solider must all carry this equipment to maintain some uniformity.  

Templar War Suit
the Templar war suit is an infantry battle armour made to protect the wearer from kinetic weaponry, and possible gas attacks. The suit is well received by the Templar Infantry Force for being light and versatile.


There are hundreds of different weapons that are used by different species. We will list off the weapons that are commonly used for battle.

ProTech's Pulse Rifle

69.5 cm (stock retracted) 84.0 cm (stock extended) long
Assault Rifle
2,100 meters maximum 500 meters effective
.17 HMR
6 kilograms 6.8 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
75   The weapon was designed by ProTech, and it later became the empires primary weapon for war. Perfect for trench warfare and easily customisable.

Battle knife

300 grams   The trusty battle knife is used by the infantry as a weapon and an everyday tool. The blade can be attached on to the pulse rifle as a bayonet.

Droger Staff

240cm long
4 kilograms   The weapon is made by Drogers to enhance their magic abilities by multiplying the spell's effectiveness by five.


The formation doesn’t have access to any type of vehicles. They would use other formations like the Templar Armoured Force and Templar Air Force to transport and deploy the formation.


4 soldiers make a court. A squad is led by a Head Mage.   30 courts make a Unification. A Unification is led by a conjurer officer.   10 unification make a mage battalion. A mage battalion is led by a Genesis Lieutenant.   5 mage battalions make a magic brigade. A magic brigade is led by a Captain.   5 magic brigades make a Sorcerer Division. A Division is led by a Mage Colonel.   20 Sorcerer divisions make a Magic Corps. A magic corps is led by Minor General.   20 Crops make a solar system army. A planetary army is led by a Solar system General.   500 solar system armies make a minor sector force. A minor sector force is led by a Battle Commander.   500 minor sector focuses make a Sector force. A sector force is led by a Sector Governor.   40 sector focuses make a war division. A war division is led by a High General.   3 war divisions make the Templar Magic Force. A Templar Magic Force is led by the Empress/Emperor.   The numbers of men per court can change depending on the planets population, resources, etc.


The tactics of the Templar Armed Forces is to play defensive. Fortifying any position they take to halt any enemy advancement.   The role of the Templar Magic Force is to aid the Templar Infantry Force in their advancement by providing them with magical defences or preform powerful magical attacks.


The recruit will go through one month of combat training, three months of magical combat training, and five weeks of discipline training. Once the recruit is ready, they will be assigned to a planetary garrison or the Templar Magic Force to fight in galactic warfare.


Logistical Support

The Templar Magic Force will only have assistance from the Templar Infantry Force when they are in combined operations. The magic force will follow the command structure, strategies, and logistical support of the Templar Infantry Force. When they are detached from the Templar Infantry Force they will be relocated to a base and wait for further orders.


Templar Armoured Force

Will give the Templar Infantry Force cover fire, to aid them during their advancement.  

Templar Artillery Force

Will bombard the area the enemy is making the advancement difficult.  

Templar Calvary Force

To protect the flanks and the rear of the Templar Armed Force.  

Templar Naval Force

To aid the Templar Armed Forces during naval combat.  

Templar Star Force

Aid the Templar Forces in transportation to different planets. Or protecting them from enemy spaceships.  

Templar Infantry Force

They will advance slowly and hunker down. They will have first contact with the enemy.

Templar Realm Force

Angels and Demons would be attached to attack magic users or supernatural threats.  

Templar Knights

Enhanced Humans would be attached to take down high-value targets and positions to speed up their advancment.  

Templar Scribes

Will do admin work to keep the army running smoothly.  

Templar Elites

Will be advancing ahead of the Templar Infantry Force to map out enemy positions. Or they will do secret operations to attack highly defended positions, or take out high value targets.  

Templar Air Force

Will protect the Templar Armed Forces from enemy aircraft.


The upkeep of each soldier can be around 400 - 70,000UD   It’s up to the planet on how they pay for equipment and soldiers.


The recruit must be the age or equivalent of 16 years. The recruit will go through a physical test, and a physiological analysis to see if they are fit for battle. If they are human, they will be tested to see if they can use magic effectively and safely. The planet will decide the test requirements and age to enter into the military.


The magic force of the Templar Armed Forces is rarely used because of the numbers of personal within the formation. Meaning the formation is only used in important defence or offensive operations. However, this doesn't diminish their importance within the force since typically their presence would typically build morale amongst the troops.

Historical loyalties

Most of the soldier’s loyalists would be their home planet. Yet the soldiers would have extreme loyalties to their Empress, and High Generals that come from Earth.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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