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United Galaxy Templar Armed Forces (Templar Infantry Force)

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will cover how the Templar Infantry Force works, their role within the Templar Armed Force, and their strategies.
A brutal force in their army, void of skill and training. Only being equipped with fine weaponry and ignorant, undying devotion to their empire.
— Legion leader Madra
  The Templar Infantry Force is the blade of the empire. Fighting in any terrain, regardless of its uncomfortable nature. The Templar infantry force varies, with thousands of different variations of strategies, equipment, and strength of numbers. Making the Templar infantry force being the empire's backbone, and main fuel for war.



The total amount of infantry in the military: uncountable.   The roughly estimated amount of infantry per solar system: over 300 million individuals.


The equipment can be different depending on the planet the infantry force is stationed at. However, the solider must all carry this equipment to maintain some uniformity.  

Templar War Suit
the Templar war suit is an infantry battle armour made to protect the wearer from kinetic weaponry, and possible gas attacks. The suit is well received by the Templar infantry for being light and versatile.  
The soldiers are given a torch to see in dark places. Or to find a "third leg" if they are shot somewhere unlucky.  
A radio used by the troops to communicate with other forces.


There are hundreds of different weapons that are used by different species. Mainly because of their anatomy, resources available, and cultural reasons. This is the list off the weapons that are commonly mass-produced and are issued.

ProTech's Pulse Rifle

69.5 cm (stock retracted) 84.0 cm (stock extended) long
Assault Rifle
2,100 meters maximum, 500 meters effective range
.17 HMR
6 kilograms 6.8 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
75   The weapon was designed by ProTech, and it later became the empires primary weapon for war. Perfect for trench warfare and easily customisable.

Battle knife

300 grams   The infantry uses the trusty battle knife as a weapon and an everyday tool. The blade can be attached on to any weapon as a bayonet.

100cal Sniper Rifle

240 cm long
sniper rifle
10,000 meters effective range
100 cal
26 kilograms 27 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
5   Used by the Empire to shoot down enemy aircraft and heavy armoured vehicles. Mostly used by specialised human formations, the sniper brings fear in the eyes of the enemy. Other species in the United Galaxy are unable to wield it since it’s too heavy, the recoil can be too much for them to handle, and the desgine only takes into account the human annatomy.

M7 Fragment

7 meters
0.39 kilograms   The M7 Fragment is a grenade made by ProTech to make a small area implode in itself. Perfect for making tanks or infantry fall off cliffs or mountains.

Fragment launcher

Recoiless rocket anti-tank and air weapon
300 meters effective range
100 mm rockets
12 kilograms 20 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
4   It is used by the empire to be the best anti-tank and air weapon. Making it the primary used in battle to wipe out armoured convoys.

Riot sniper rifle

120cm long
energy sniper rifle
5000 meters
core batteries
13 kilograms 14 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
20   The weapon was made initially for riot control. The weapon was later adopted into the military’s weaponry. Because the firearm releases no recoil and is very accurate compared to any weapon the empire has in its armoury.


The Templar Infantry Force only has access to light transport land vehicles. Being rovers of some sort. Each platoon will have access to 20 rovers to take the soldiers into battle.   Other forces will aid the Templar Infantry Force during battle to transport the troops.


10 soldiers make a squad. A squad is led by a Sargent.   30 squads make a platoon. A platoon is led by a Warrant officer.   30 platoons make a battalion. A battalion is led by a Lieutenant.   10 battalions make a brigade. A brigade is led by a Captain.   10 brigades make a Division. A Division is led by a Colonel.   20 Divisions make a Corps. A Corps is led by Minor General.   20 Crops make a solar system army. A solo system army is led by a Solar system General.   500 solar system armies make a minor sector force. A minor sector force is led by a Battle Commander.   500 minor sector focuses make a Sector force. A sector force is led by a Sector Governor.   40 sector focuses make a war division. A war division is led by a High General.   3 war divisions make the Templar Infantry force. A Templar Infantry Force is led by the Empress/Emperor.   The numbers of men per squad can change depending on the planets population, resources, etc.


The tactics of the Templar Armed Forces is to play defensive. Fortifying any position they take to halt any enemy advancement.   The role of the Templar Infantry Force is to slowly advance while being aided by other forces. Weakening the enemy and moving up to take the land. The tactic is brutal and slow, but effective against very aggressive armies. However, this form of combat will determine whoever has the most soldiers.


The recruit will go through two months of combat training, and five weeks of discipline training. Once the recruit is ready, they will be assigned to planetary garrison or the Templar Infantry Force to fight in galactic warfare.


Logistical Support

The Templar Infantry Force will be having covering fire from the Templar Armoured Force and the Templar Artillery Force. To aid them in their advancement. The Templar Calvary Force will protect their flanks, or flank the enemy forces making the advacement swift. The Templar Magic Force would be attached to the Templar Infantry and would help them advance into battle using powerful spells or create some defences. If a supernatural threat is located, the Templar Realm Force would be attached with the Templar Infantry Force to combat the threat. If the Templar Infantry Force locates a valuable target or position that needs to be taken over quickly. The Templar Knights will be attached to aid the Templar Infantry Force. If the enemy aircraft are attacking The Templar Infantry, the Templar Air Force will protect them from enemy aircraft.


Templar Armoured Force

Will give the Templar Infantry Force covering fire, to aid them during their advancement and give them an "Iron wall".  

Templar Artillery Force

Will bombard the area the enemy is, making their advancement difficult.  

Templar Calvary Force

Will protect the flanks and the rear of the Templar Armed Forces.  

Templar Naval Force

To aid the Templar Armed Forces during naval combat.  

Templar Star Force

Aid the Templar Forces in transportation to different planets. Or protecting them from enemy spaceships.  

Templar Magic Force

Magic users would assist the Templar Infantry Force during the advancement.

Templar Realm Force

Angels and Demons would be attached to attack magic users or supernatural threats.  

Templar Knights

Enhanced Humans would be attached to take down high-value targets and positions to speed up their advancment.  

Templar Scribes

Will do admin work to keep the army running smoothly.  

Templar Elites

Will be advancing ahead of the Templar Infantry Force to map out enemy positions. Or they will do secret operations to attack highly defended positions, or take out high value targets.  

Templar Air Force

Will protect the Templar Armed Forces from enemy aircraft.


The upkeep of each soldier can be around 3 - 20,000UD   It’s up to the planet on how they pay for equipment and soldiers.


The recruit must be the age or equivalent of 16 years. The recruit will go through a physical test, and a physiological analysis to see if they are fit for battle. The planet will decide the test requirements and age to enter into the military.


The Templar Infantry Force has fought and won millions of battles. The most famous battle was the first invasion of the planet of Xim in the year 2077. They are outnumbered by twenty to one. The Templar Infantry Force holds the lines against the Imperium. The battle would last for three years, tired and alone, the garrison would continue fighting with little hope for reinforcements. The planet’s garrison would be saved by aid from a nearby solar system. Wiping out the Imperium forces in the process. The planet would be in ruins and decay for a few decades. This victory would bring moral to the United Galaxy, and shame to the Imperium since the planet has a smooth entrance to Earth. The planet would be invaded by the Imperium and other empires to get an easy entrance to the main capital to end the empire. Because of its strategic importance and constant invasions from the other empires the planet being renamed into Armageddon.

Historical loyalties

Most of the soldier’s loyalists would be their home planet. Yet the soldiers would have extreme loyalties to their Empress, and High Generals that come from Earth.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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4 Oct, 2018 20:54

This sentence "Making the Templar Infantry Force being the empires strength and weakness." confuses me and I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Also seeing a few typos, and the sudden use of all capital letters is jarring. Might I suggest bold or italics? I'm not really sure what else to say that would help with this one. It is cool that they have so many branches though, I think.

4 Oct, 2018 21:48

The are a few typos and a bit weirdly written phrases here, as for me. For example, how about changing the second half of the introduction to something like that: "The Templar Infantry Force varies a lot, with thousands of different variations of strategies, equipment, and strength of numbers. That makes the Templar Infantry Force the empire's both strength and weakness." if that's what you meant. Also, I agree with fmmm1000 that capital letters in the middle of the text are a bit hard to read, especially if there are a few of them.     Concerning weapons. That battle knife is really heavy, longswords three time that length weighted something about 1-2 kg. Don't know, whether you made that intentionally, so just a thing for your consideration. 100cal would probably be better described as anti-material sniper rifle, and that effective range is huge. Are snipers really able to fire that precise? 1 mm move of gun and the bullet goes meters away from the target. I'd suggest adding the bullet velocity for all firearms, it's a very important parameter. Also, would be better to separate the weapons from each other so, by a blank line after between them for example, so it could clearly seen where is each weapon with its description. And I bloody love that you give the weapon data! It is what really defines a modern army. Good job on that!   And you have a problem with number of people in your structure. I calculated that a planetary army consists of 54 billion people which is a bloody lot of people and contradicts your line about "Estimated amount of infantry per planet: over 100 million individuals.". You should probably reduce some of the numbers, for example make 10 squads in a platoon or cut somewhere else. And I'll consider raising the ranks for commanders of such big units for even a lieutenant commands 90 thousand people. Bear in mind, most armies had a few percent (3-5%) officers of their total amount of soldiers. There are usually also a lot of minor ranks, like different grades of sergeants, which can help manage that amount of people.     As a final note, I'd really recommend you to focus more on a writing style here. Making the text flow a little bit better and maybe just a little bit more fancy/literary. And is the army more like just throwing a lot of manpower into the fray, which I think because of the rather low training period, or are they really heavily trained to the point of exhaustion, risks of being injured or even dying during their training? Both would be a nice thing to mention and help setting the tone. And have their been any attempts by local generals to rise a rebellion based on the forces loyal to them, for example a war hero? Basically, is there a Roman-style thing with influential generals being a threat and government switching them between units all the time?

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
5 Oct, 2018 01:38

I absolutely love this critique, now to answer some questions.   Sniper rifles in this world can go that far with the aid of magic, as in the case of the 100cal, the rifle is blessed to go further. I will do a item article on each weapon in the future.   Regarding to the training and throwing manpower into battle. I would say that the Templar infantry force throws their troops in the battle to take lots of casualties and give them in return. I will make a article about the organisation and its shady practices of warfare and its problems. For example the rank to troop ratio, the major cluster f*** of different formations trying to work together, etc. Let’s just say the Templar Amred Force has a lot of problems. This article mostly explains the branch of the Templar armed force and how it works.

5 Oct, 2018 08:26

So, it's basically a human zerg with just enough officers to show it at which direction to attack, nice :D many people prefer their countries to have ridiculously professional armies

5 Oct, 2018 03:32

A few typos and what not, would probably worth going through and pruning those out and touching it up a bit, but all in all it's very intricate idea. I think you have a lot to work with.   When you mention the 100cal Sniper Rifle, and how the Humans are the only race strong enough to use them, this opens an opportunity to elaborate on the different races in the galaxy. By creating a perametet when saying humans are the strongest, does this mean the galaxy is inhabited by smaller creatures? If so, how much smaller? Is there an average size/density range that most entities exist within, are there only a few extremes on the big to small spectrum?   Another idea, you wrote that there are two months of combat training and five weeks of discipline training. You could elaborate on this more; do they undergo the discipline training before? After? Both? What sort of procedures does the military use to train their troops? How does this society turn their young men into hardened, bloodthirsty soldiers? Do they undergo special equipment training (regarding the auxilia for example)? Do they run live fire simulations? Periodic war games?   These are all ideas you could elaborate on in this, or future articles.

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
7 Oct, 2018 15:11

How they train their soldiers differs from planet to planet. Some might have live firing ranges while others have VR. I made it vague because it will be impossible to cover the different variations and methods of training they would go through. Which is a big problem in a galactic military, because you don't know who is properly trained.   But the 100cal is going to have its own article. I'm planning to make a article for every weapon and equipment used by every empire.