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United Galaxy Templar Armed Forces (Templar Air Force)

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will cover how the Templar Air Force works, their role within the Templar Armed Force, and their strategies.
If there is a world that needs to be under our control. You bet your ass the air force will come down to rain fire.
— Air Colonel Ithanhimer
  The Templar Air Force is the most critical force in the Templar Armed Force. They transport the army, defend the forces from enemy aircraft's, and create openings for the forces to have an easy win. The Templar Air Force will do anything to win a war with the most potent weapons and the most effective vehicles the empire has to offer.



The estimated number of personnel in the Templar Air Force is unknown. The same goes for the total amount of aircraft. The Templar Armed Forces didn’t keep the numbers of personnel or equipment since they believed there’s no need for it.


The equipment can be different depending on the planet the air force is stationed at. However, the solider must all carry this equipment to maintain some uniformity.  

Survival kit
In case the pilot is in a combat zone, the package has supplies that would last three days. Let's be honest they most likely wouldn't understand how to use it.  
Use for the pilot to signal anyone in or out of combat.


There are hundreds of different weapons that are used by different species. Mainly because of their anatomy, resources available, and cultural reasons. This is the list off the weapons that are commonly mass-produced and are issued.  

Mark 72 Revolver

266mm long
100 meters effective range
357 Magnum
936g 940g (when ammo is loaded)
6   Made originally by ProTech for the public to use. Now the United Galaxy uses this sidearm for vehicle crew and officers.


The Templar Air Force has a range of different aircraft. The sectors can create different aircraft that are not listed or registered within the United Galaxy's database of military vehicles. For a vehicle to be used by the Templar Air Force, it must be able to be used in both space and atmosphere combat. These are the vehicles that are used by the Templar Air Force.  

Thunder eagle
Used for mostly troop transport, the aircraft can hold at max 30 soldiers. It takes four people to operate the vehicle.  
Dragon fly jet
Used by the empire to fight enemy aircraft. It is armed with 50cal machine gun and homing rockets. It takes two pilots to operate the vehicle, one flies the jet and controls the jets main weaponry. While the second pilot will be running the 50cal machine gun at the rear of the jet.  
DawnStar gunship
Made to transport three squads into battle. The DawnStar gunship is designed to be a troop transport, vehicle transport, and a bomber. The gunship takes 15 men to operate the aircraft.


30 of the aircraft make a flight squadron. A flight squadron is led by a Staff Sargent.   12 flight squadrons make an air group. An air group is led by a Flight lieutenant.   20 air groups make a wing. A wing is led by a Major.   10 wings make an Air Corps. An air corps is led by an Air Colonel.   20 air corps make an air Army. An air army is led by a solar system General.   500 air armies make a minor sector force. A minor sector force is led by a Battle Commander.   500 minor sector focuses make a Sector force. A sector force is led by a Sector Governor.   40 sector focuses make a war division. A war division is led by a High General.   3 war divisions make the Templar Air Force. A Templar Air Force is led by the Empress/Emperor.   The numbers of men per squad can change depending on the planets population, resources, etc.


The tactics of the Templar Armed Forces is to play defensive. Fortifying any position they take to halt any enemy advancement.   The role of the Templar Air Force is to transport the military to the planet and protect them from enemy aircraft. They would also do bombing runs if the Templar Artillery Force is offline or unable to bombard the area.


The recruit will go through three weeks of combat training. Then eight months of training in an assigned vehicle. The recruit will also be taught how to fight and live in a zero-G environment.


Logistical Support

They Templar Air Force will not have any support directly from other formations. So the Templar Air Force has to protect themselves and other forces from the enemy. The Templar Armoured Force, Templar Naval Force, and Templar Star Force can aid the Templar Air Force in combat if they are unable to fight the enemy or is struggling to make a breakthrough. The Templar Scribes) will give information to the Templar Air Force about enemy positions and the total amount of enemy aircraft they might go against.


Templar Infantry Force

Will advance slowly and hunker down. They will have first contact with the enemy and will be assisted by the other forces while advancing.  

Templar Artillery Force

Will bombard the area the enemy is making the advancement difficult.  

Templar Cavarly Force

Will protect the flanks and the rear of the Templar Armed Forces.  

Templar Naval Force

To aid the Templar Armed Forces during naval combat.  

Templar Star Force

Will aid the Templar Forces in transportation to different planets. Or protecting them from enemy spaceships.  

Templar Magic Force

Magic users would assist the Templar Infantry Force during the advancement.

Templar Realm Force

Angels and Demons would be attached to attack magic users or supernatural threats.  

Templar Knights

Enhanced Humans would be attached to take down high-value targets and positions to speed up their advancment.  

Templar Scribes

Will do admin work to keep the army running smoothly.  

Templar Elites

Will be advancing ahead of the Templar Infantry Force to map out enemy positions. Or they will do secret operations to attack highly defended positions, or take out high value targets.  

Templar Armoured Force

Will protect the artillery from enemy counter attacks.


The upkeep of each soldier can be around 3 - 20,000UD   The upkeep for the vehicles can be 1,000 - 300,000UD depending on the vehicle in question and the upgrades.   It’s up to the planet on how they pay for equipment, soldiers, and vehicles.


The recruit must be the age or equivalent of 16 years. The recruit will go through a physical test, and a physiological analysis to see if they are fit for battle. The planet will decide the test requirements and age to enter into the military.


The Templar Air Force has fought in many battles. But the most famous battle the force was ever involved in was the Battle for the heavens in 2229AD. When the Templar Star Force ran out of ammo, they planned to use the Templar Air Force as a last-ditch effort to win the battle. The initiative will wipe out hundreds of wings. But it slowed down the enemy in taking strategic positions. Alimentally winning the battle.

Historical loyalties

Most of the soldier’s loyalists would be their home planet. Yet the soldiers would have extreme loyalties to their Empress, and High Generals that come from Earth.

Air Force
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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