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Prasodmium is the galaxy’s most harmful and radioactive material, yet the most useful. It is used by every empire and planet to generate power, forge weapons, and produce spacecraft engines.


Material Characteristics

The material looks white and shiny. Giving off a bright light blue glow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The material feels warm, regardless if it is heated. The material will stay feeling warm.

Geology & Geography

The metal is usually found in planets that are 110 million km from the sun. It is common that the material is 50km underground, but it can differ depending on the planet's activity.

Life & Expiration

30 billion years

History & Usage

Everyday use


  The material is handy for civilian and military use, ranging from medical, vehicles, and even household items. There are three typical uses for the metal, however. These uses can change depending on the planets intent on using the material.  


  Civilisations will use the material to create nuclear fission. One kilogram of 1% enriched prasodmium can produce over 100 TJ. This is enough energy to power a large city for one hundred years.  


  Civilisations use the material for two purposes to create weapons, the barrel, and the magazine. The barrel made with prasodmium is used to make the energy weapon more powerful, by producing more heat and energy. A magazine is very different from the barrel version; however, the weapon will have more powerful charges of energy and lots of ammunition.  


  Civilisations will place the material in spacecraft engines to be used for two purposes. To create power and to make the ship go through warp speeds. You do however need one ton of 90% enriched prasodmium to generate both electricity for the ship and go through warp speeds without any problems.


When the material is mined from a planet. The material will be cooled down to become a solid. Once the material is solid they will be able to forge the material to create parts for weapons, Spaceships, etc.


The material is highly radioactive. The radiation will damage and kill cells and DNA within them, which damages their ability to reproduce and can eventually lead to cancer. There are rare cases where the radioactive material can cause mutations to a living organism, but they would often be dead when that happens.

Enviromental Impact


  Radiation can have positive and negative side effects on the environment. However, ionised radiation like x-rays, gamma, alpha, and beta particles can be very harmful in excessive amounts.  

Plants and soil

  Ionised radiation from the nuclear material can result in weakening or damage the cells planets and seeds and cause frequent mutations. Radiation can also affect the fertility of the soil.  

Marine life

  Radiation on marine life can cause a reduction in reproduction capabilities. It can also disrupt the timing plants flower, which can result in negative changes in pollination patterns. Radiation in water environments can also reduce the amount of food and oxygen that certain sea creatures in the galaxy produce. An increased of radiation can also increase the amount of ozone generated at the lower atmosphere. Some plants in the galaxy have an extra layer which acts as a protective shield. Other plants do not have this extra layer, meaning they are sensitive to photochemical smog.



For the material to be stored safely and securely. The storage system or item must contain radioactive contents, control external radiation levels, prevent criticality, and avoid damage caused by heat.


300 u
Cost of one kilogram of prasodmium depending on the empire
United Galaxy:
500 million United Dollars.
Davaga Empire:
10 million Dathmin.
15 million B-Chips.
100 thousand Phridrums.
yellow cake
Boiling / Condensation Point
1,749 °C
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
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8 Jan, 2019 12:26

This element already exist on the periodic table, I'm the 110 place we have an element ,it is called darmastandiu ,in the last year's we discovered many new elements but in school we still use the old table because will cost to much money to change what we learn in school at every 5 years. You could make an 150 element? This will be eventually discovered but will be probably discover after you died of old age so it is more sf