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Beam Rifle

The Beam rifle is an Imperium standard issued energy rifle, designed to take out organic or lightly armoured vehicles. The weapon utilises the full potential of energy weaponry, injuring the target using heat or electricity.   The weapon has the following specifications:  
  • The weapon has five different firing modes, semi-auto, 3 burst, 5 burst, 10 burst, and full automatic.
  • The rate of fire in full automatic is 900 – 1000 rounds per minute.
  • The standard magazine can carry 200 rounds, the weapon can have modified magazines that can increase the number of rounds the weapon will have.
  • The weapon uses the legion pattern energy cells, it can also use other types of energy cells but with lesser effects.
  • The weapon gives off zero recoil and is very accurate to other energy weapons in the galaxy.
  • The weapon is able to be used in most environments but suffers in wet and damp environments. For example, jungles, swamps, and rain forests. The weapon will require weekly cleaning to be used effectively.
  • The maximum effective distance is over 2,200 meters. Anything past the distance the temperature of the beam will decrease by 5 degrees Celsius every canter meter.
  • The weapon has four different combat modes; these modes determine the amount of heat produced when the weapon is being fired. Standard will produce 500 degrees Celsius of heat; a single shot will waste one round. The lesser will produce only 100 degrees Celsius of heat; a single shot will only be half of the standards shot and is less likely to overheat the weapon. Crowd control will only produce 20 degrees of heat, a single shot will be three times less than the standard shot, and this mode is made mostly for rapid-fire exchanges to slow down the civilian population during riots. Overshot will produce 700 degrees of heat, a single shot will five times more rounds than the standard, the mode is designed for only semi-auto fire, another firing modes would overheat the gun and damage it.
  • The weapon has a built-in hologram reflex sight that will help the soldier for aiming.
  • The weapon cannot be customised, but the soldier can change what the reflex sight looks like through the weapons interface.
  • The stock of the weapon can be attached and detached to aid the soldier in urban combat.
  • The lower the combat mode of the weapon is the more likely the person will be stunned by the weapons ambitions of electricity.
  The weapon is slim and comfortable to use during combat. The weapon is criticised for working poorly in wet and damp environments, making the weapons vents that keep the weapon cool to clog up. It is also noted that the weapon needs weekly cleaning to prevent the weapon from overheating when in use. If the weapon's barrel is damaged by any means radiation from the material prasodmium. Meaning the soldier must abandon their weapon if the barrel is damaged by any means.


The weapon is a mass produced rifle made by the Imperium to compete against their enemies in galactic warfare.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Very common
5 kilograms 5.5 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
50 cm (stock retracted) 70 cm (stock extended)
Base Price
20 B-chips
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