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The Grand Vancouver Traveller's Guide

c. 2019

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Grand Vancouver perfectly weaves the modern metropolis with the majesty of nature.   Here, ancient mysteries meet cutting edge developments to pave the way toward a brilliant future.   Here, the truly daring find their call to adventure.

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The Grand Vancouver Traveller's Guide!

  In a world of magic and modernity, the city of Grand Vancouver is enjoying an age of progress and prosperity. Located in Brightscale Cascadia, the western-most province of the nation of Kanata, Grand Vancouver is a hub for culture, commerce and adventurers from the world over.   However, one need not look far beneath the surface to find the darkness below. For every noble guild and holy faction, Grand Vancouver plays host to dark cabals and criminal cells with nefarious designs on the great city.   Thus indepentant organizations like the Grand Vancouver Adventures Registry and local law enforcement such as the Royal Kanatian Mounted Guard work to protect Grand Vancouver and its neighboring lands from those elements that would seek to destroy it.