Imaginaerium 40: Palo Mayombe

The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it.  
— Ernest Hemingway
  Today, I have a link to the religion of Palo Mayombe - a little known Carribean faith with deep roots and connections to the slave trade. That alone makes it a topic to approach with some care, but it is an interesting and little explored belief in most fiction (or any media, really). It involves ritual cauldrons, called an Nganga, spirits of the dead and of nature, sacrifice, and more.  
Palo Mayombe is the strongest black magic and that is why it gets so often misunderstood by non-initiates.   Go here to have a deeper dive into Palo Mayombe. Most of the content can be found in the Blog part of the site, like this:   Unfortunately, the only way most people have heard of Palo Mayombe and Santeria is by way of the story of Adolfo Constanzo, the so called Narcosatanists that terrorized Mexico by turning into cult-like murders, kidnapping, sacrifices, and selling magical protection to drug dealers. It's a story worth checking out all by its own.   Among other places, it's covered in the Podcasts Last Podcast on the Left and if they're not your thing, also on Cults        

Video Recommendation

  Today is a short one, the history of mechanics and a certain gun. What's really interesting here is to see the effect of a revolver firing to the napkin held near it. Check it out.  

Images to Inspire

The Curious cover
Chronopolis world cover
by Mathieu Latour-Duhaime

Shedim world cover


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