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Hi everyone!
  With Adventure April in full swing, there's some questions that come up several times and great advice from people in the wonderful World Anvil discord. I've gathered things here to make it easy to people to find. I'm also putting some example one-shot adventures here; there's no better inspiration for figuring out your one-shot formatting than from another anvilite who has done so beautifully.  




For heists, I recommend the Blades in the Dark system, it's 10/10 very good!  
— The Changeling
The use of a ticking timer of some kind is effective at keeping things going.
Pre-generated character is a very good idea for one-shots. They let you know exactly what the PCs can do, and players are less attached for when things explode.
Combat is easily the most time-consuming part of many systems. Limiting them to just a couple can be a good idea.


Plot | Jun 12, 2021

Then they started replacing the gnomes with constructs.



One Shot Adventure: A Backstage Pass
Plot | Jun 7, 2021

A One-Shot TTRPG adventure focused on gaining entrance to a very special musical performance

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13 Apr, 2021 19:39

I've been DMing for years and years - one problem I consistently have is things always run longer then they're probably supposed to. >> It might be a combination of we all RP way too much and just get stuck in playing around, and that I don't just scooch things along when they're supposed to be.   I rather like a couple of the ideas, though. Pregenerated characters especially, since you don't have to try and tailor the adventure for almost anything someone might bring to the table. ( Cleric of olidammara who can't stop predigitating everything and checking out doors... >> ) and the timer is prolly something I should use, but likely behind the scenes as a way to keep track of just how long I'm letting them bicker at the tavern table about who is paying for drinks.   Lovely article, Q.

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14 Apr, 2021 10:02

Hope you find it useful! <3   Another tip: have the one-shot take place in a limited geographic space. A haunted mansion, a murder onboard a train, and so on. It helps you control the pace more, and help focus the PC's attention to what the relevent options :)

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