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Featherfall Festival

The featherfall festival is a midwinter festival celebrating the return of the sun from the darkest night of the year.  


Long ago, winter and summer were caused by the seasonal gods fighting for control of the year. They were evenly matched, so the years would always be split evenly. However, the winter god took matters into his own hands, and killed the summer king in his sleep. The world was plunged into a deep winter, and all hope seemed lost. As a last stand, the wives of the ones the winter king killed took their combined magic and created the phoenix, a magical bird made of fire and starlight. The phoenix flew to the land of the summer king and landed on the king's chest, warming the summer king's frozen heart and bringing him back to life. The winter king was angry, and attacked the phoenix, who flew out of the winter god's grasp, leaving behind a single feather that burned the winter god. The gods made a pact never to harm each other again, and divided the year evenly. When the day was longer than the night, the summer king ruled. When the night was longer than the day, the winter king had control.  


The most well known tradition is gift giving, which started during a particularly bad famine, and people gave food to each other. Now, it is common to recieve almost anything as a gift, with traditional ones being candles, phoenix feathers, and household items like bowls and brooms.   Featherfall is also a time to make pacts and renew vows. Many couples will renew their promises each Featherfall, under the light of the sun.   Women and wives are revered around this time, as it is said that the women were the ones who created the phoenix. The oldest woman in the house is dressed in red and yellow robes or decorated in feathers.  


Featherfall meals are celebrated with the entire community, so they are large and feast-like. Bread and shepherd's pie are commonly found, but the most well-known is venison.

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