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The Infinity

All-Above Ones

The highest rank divine beings, these forces are far beyond anything else. These beings lives without any will nor emotions, always keeping the balance of the universe stable. Their born bring creations, and their dead bring the end.  

The Nothingness

The Creator. Who forged our universe from the pitch-black void. The Nothingness is too powerful to be anything, it is itself and everything is it. The only one that can be in the same feet of Nothingness is the Void. It doesn't resemble any Ultimate Concept, but rather, is the one that links others together. Or maybe, Nothingness is Reality, which can create by combining all four concepts.  

Four Ultimate Concepts

Four servants were created by The Nothingness to help it maintain the universe. Each of them resembles a concept that made up everything:  

Time - An

True embodiment of Time. An is the first creation of The Nothingness, have a strong bond with Fel. Everything was frozen in a chilling silence at that moment. So, it weaved the flow of time, allows all things to move. Now, An traveling in and out, making sure all timelines are all in order.

Space - Fel

True embodiment of Space. Fel is the second creation of The Nothingness, have a strong bond with An. See time flow chaotically, it chiseled a cubic of space out of the emptiness to contain it. Now, Fel continues its duty, expanding the universe to oblivion.

Matter - Mo

True embodiment of Matter. Mo is the third creation of The Nothingness, have a good bond with Ru. Feel like the space is lacking of something, Mo tried to fill it with various shapes and sizes from its siblings essences. Now, it watching from world to world, proud of these wonderful creations.

Energy - Ru

True embodiment of Energy. Ru is the last creation of The Nothingness. have a good bond with Mo. It generated energy into every corner, make everything move. Now, Ru soared through time and space, powering Mo's creations with liveliness.

Additional Information


How powerful these things can be?

This is a hard question that left unsolved for centuries, the only answer we can say is inestimable. Some even said The Infinities we had seen by our bare eyes were just a tiny clones of them, made to watch on worlds. Their true strengths are so strong that time and space will broken if they directly interact with our world.

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