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The Gilded Cities

Year 3125 After the Sundering

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On the continent of Daearen, politics and society are dominated by five massive city-states; Belenos, Dia, Elatha, Fitheach, and Naddred. Their mighty spires can be seen from miles all around, beacons of civilization in a world littered with wild magic. Each city is home to a population of millions, and each city holds sway over the surrounding countryside. Gold, resources, and people stream into the cities, fueling their glory.

Under the Alliance of Sovereign States, the Five Cities rule over Daearen in an era of stability and prosperity. But not everyone prospers. In the cities, those without magic hold little power, and Humans dominate the upper echelons of society. In the countryside, the control of the cities is ever-expanding. Whispers have begun in the slums and taverns; they speak of equality, opportunity, and the rights of all. A fuse is being lit.

Five glittering cities. Five pots ready to boil over with revolution. How high will you lift the Princes on your shoulders before you let them fall?

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City of Serpents

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

In Naddred, one of the five great city-states of Daearen, intrigue and scandal are almost part of the draw. But something smells rotten in the great port city, and it isn't the canal-side fish stalls.

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