Aida's Herbs and Elixirs

A well-frequented apothecary easily accessible in the marketplace of Lamb's Respite. The shop is owned by Aida Fairgood. It is located on the second tier plateau. 


Aida's Herbs and Elixirs

A small collection of goods for sale in Aida's apothecary. Consider her CL 5 for the effects of items.

Elixir of Vision1250 sp
Scroll of Keen Senses150 sp
Potion of Darkvision6300 sp
Oil of Arcane Mark525 sp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds1050 sp
Capsules of Fox's Cunning113,500 sp
Oil of Keen Edge7750 sp
Potion of Remove Disease10750 sp
Scroll of Touch of Slime1800 sp
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