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Structure is essential to all forms of life, indeed, what life mainly does is shift around molecules to a more optimal structure for energy usage. Rather than focusing on big material objects (as the Belogors do), the Monoti believe that their purpose is to prolong life through the most efficient energy use possible. In this, they have already successfully begun the creation of a dyson swarm around the dwarf star Centralis. Their home world, Entari, is the furthest from any star in the known universe, with Centralis itself being closer than Enui or Amaphor. Thus, the Monoti live on a cold, dim lit plane where agriculture is only possible in heat retaining silicon bubbles. The Monoti praise their cold world, claiming that the closer to absolute zero they live, the more efficient their calculations are.     They are the longest living people, with known individuals living over 1,000 years and rumors of much older specimens. They despise the “wasteful” practices of the “hot bloods”, especially the Doi but also work hard to maintain possession of as much of their energy as possible. For this they are known to create a vast array of desirable technologies. Suits which greatly prolong livability in deep space, efficient asteroid colony engineering, and power sinks which can even remove energy from living beings as a close range.

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