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Doi (Dwa)

As every human child is taught- the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The mitochondria is thought to be the remnants of a magnificent relationship between two cells. On engulfed the other so that it could focus solely on energy production. In doing so they became greater than the addition of their two halves and allowed multicellular life to truly branch out. The Doi (Dwa) are by themselves not a very interesting species by the 9’s standards. They are slim, birdlike creatures with clawed arms and a nimble gracefulness to their ways. However, the Doi are the only creature known to be able to metabolize Shimmering Vale Powder (colloquially known as “sauce”. To all other life discovered, sauce is a slightly combustible but extremely toxic if discovered. The Doi adore the taste, but more importantly excrete a compound from the chemical breakdown of the sauce. Known as “hot sauce” it is ingested by Dolioms, an 1 meter tall insectoid “pet” of the Dio. The Dolioms then internally process the hot sauce to create intense energy burst.   The Doi/Doliom energy creation process is so powerful, that it is used to run all starships, operational asteroids, and most cities within the nine. It is said that without this relationship, there would not be enough energy for the nine worlds to continue space travel in any capacity – as they would have reduced all matter to energy creation in their endeavors.     Thus, the Doi have more control over the other nine than their appearance would suggest. They are a hardy and industrious people, and often demand relatively little in the eyes of the 9 hundred. However, if slighted trust is hard to regain and they may threaten to turn off the power. In spite of this, the gains from deceiving the Doi are often much and since they fail to recognize the true value of their energy in the universe they are often misplayed.     The actual world of Dwantwi is a large place, of heavy gravity. The Doi mine for sauce and practice new projects for their energy sources. Many robotic monoliths hulk around merely for the pleasure of Doi children.

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