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Cautlin Rod

The cautling rod is an advance energy spear used by many Aeliods resistance fighters and other pirates to break through personal space shields. The caulting rod appears to be little more than a long stick with a few buttons around a simple handle. The effect is singual, the cautling rod has a very small tip through which (when activated) a large amount of electrical energy focuses in order to break through shields and kill through electrocution or stabbing. While effective at their job their limitations are notable 1) The short window of activation requires impeccable timing, most last less than 1 minute at full charge. 2) To contain the neccessary transitor components, the rod must be heavy and long which makes it unwieldy to hold. 3) Despite the simplicity of design, significant training and skill is needed to use a caulting rod effectively. Untrained soldiers are all but worthless with them.
Item type
Weapon, Melee

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