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Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touching. These are the acts that are required for an organism to examine the world outside itself. They allow for determinations above and beyond food or pain. As expected, the Ampa have overdeveloped sensory external senses to an extreme and their otherwise apelike appearance is offput by the sheer size of these organs. However, they are capable of amazing feats in each of these realms. Able to see several miles in a clear sky, taste specific molecules in a concoction, hear an approaching friend or foe before they’ve even entered the property. They are aware beyond all others, their world (Fieda) is in actuality a very boring place. Due to the intense ability to sense, most organisms have learned to hide and become nigh on imperceptible to those around them. To any visitor it would seem almost barren outside the Ampa villas nestled high in the mountains. To the Ampa themselves it is a wonderland full of life, noise and vibrance. They often request privacy sectoring when off world due to the intense overstimulation.

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