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Aaaalvic (A-a-al-vk)

What is life without change, mutation creates something new. While it paints a sour picture in our human minds, that is due to our perception of ourselves as being unchanging rather than mutation being evil or unnatural. It is the most natural thing of all. The Aaaalvic (pronounced A-a-al-vk) are truly a unique set of creatures. They are constantly play the game of evolutionary progress, so that their very cellular structures slowly change to better adapt to their environment. On their home planet (Ooompach) the Aaalvic shift so quickly they may be unrecognizable at different hours during the day. In bright light they may be lightly colored, lanky beings best capable of reflecting heat. During rain they may gain flattening shoulders to collect rainwater, or during a fight they may develop sharp teeth and claws. These changes are less timely when away from the Orphelian, however given a few weeks’ time they will adapt to any consistent stressor. The creatures on Ooompach are the most varied in the known universe. Given the constant game of cat and mouse, they are always mutating in a need to adapt. They are also some of the most dangerous predators, and Ooompach big game hunting is considered heavily prized by some of the elites of other societies. Ooompachs themselves do little to provoke the game of evolution. Perhaps there is a respect to be learned for the others.

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