Praetorians are a young formation in the United Republic's military. They are genetically enhanced super soldiers created for the toughest of missions while in service to the Navy Security Office. Praetorians are chosen from among the best and most experienced soldiers from the Earth Marine Corps.

Despite what many people would like to believe, Praetorians aren't invincible. Their armour can sustain more fire than armour of a regular marine, but even the Mars Exosuit will eventually break
— Colonel Alexander Morris, chief medical officer of the Praetorian Training Program

Genetic Modification

Genetic modification is the core of the process of making a Praetorian. Their strength, reflexes, endurance and eye sight are enhanced. Additionally, their immune system is modified in a way that Praetorian almost never get sick. The only known downside of these modifications is that Praetorians are becoming sterile and can't reproduce.



Currently, there is about 120 Praetorians. One hundred of them serves in the Special Operations Section of the NSO. The remaining 20 serve in various marine units. This is a result of a disagreement between the NSO and the Earth Space Command. The ESC was saying that Praetorians should be integrated into the army, while the NSO's leadership believed that they would operate the best as part of the NSO's special troops.


  • Mars Exosuit - an armour providing very strong protection of the wearer. The enhanced strength of the Praetorians as well as the suits construction allow to mount heavy weaponry on the back or on the forearms. In most cases, these are rocket launchers and flamethrowers.
  • First aid kit
  • Weaponry

  • Railgun rifles
  • Granades
  • Heavy weapons (rocket launchers, flamethrowers) mounted on the Mars Exosuits
  • Training

    Praetorian training is intense, but short as soldiers are already quite experienced after serving in the Earth Marine Corps. The majority of the training is dedicated to getting used to the Mars Exosuit and learning how to utilize the enhanced abilties.

    Special Forces
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy

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