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Navy Security Office

Navy Security Office (NSO) is the intelligence and special operations branch of the United Republic's military. NSO acts as the country's main intelligence agency. Its duties include maintaing security among the armed forces, performing special operations and counterintelligence.


Monitoring Section

Members of the Monitoring Section are watchers. They observe and listen to everything that happens in the United Republic's space and outside it. They also monitor the actions of the Field Section's operatives as well as Special Operations Section's troops.

Field Section

The Field Section is made up of agents operating individually who can often be undercover. Actions of the Field Section are most guarded secrets of the NSO.

Special Operations Section

The Special Operations Section is the most militarized part of the NSO. It is the branch that consists of special forces soldiers. They are send to mission too complicated for Field Section's agents and too secret to ask the navy or marines for help.


The Navy Security Office has several small and fast starships which are used by their operatives and field teams. Among the ships is the ECNS Wolf, a prototype stealth ship. It is used only for the most important missions. Being assigned to the Wolf is considered an honour among the members of the NSO.

NSO also has several bases accross the United Republic's space. They are located on every colony and there is a number of smaller bases orbiting uninhabited planets. The exact number of the bases is unknown to the public.

Custodire populum

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Military, Intelligence
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