ITS Traveler

ITS Traveler is the biggest passenger starship in the fleet of the Interplanetary Colonial Transport Network (ICTN), which operates within the space of the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies and the Galactic Federation.

It is also considered one of the most luxurious passenger starship to ever be in service. Onboard, even the lowest class has a much higher standard than on other starships. Of course, with the luxury comes higher price.

ITS Traveler

Travel in Luxury
Passengers' reviews

10/10, the best experience in my life

I traveled onboard the Traveler from Earth to New Warsaw with my family. We only could afford the economy class, but it was much better than on other ships. Despite it being a relatively short journey we weren't confined to our seats for the whole time. Each class on the Traveler has its own courtyard and services which include a cafe, playground for children and a quiet room to read a book or do some work.

6/10, comfortable travel

It isn't the best thing in life, but is comfortable. The ship is usually crowded and food isn't the best. However, the service is excellent so the journey is enjoyable.

Onboard Facilities
Food and drink

On the Traveler we offer our passengers only the best food and drinks. You can choose from 6 locals, 2 for each class, offering different types of cuisine. You can taste sushi, Italian Pasta, Slavic Cuisine or even something completely alien.

Entertainment and other facilities

We offer out passengers many activities to spent the time during a long interstellar journey. Each seat has its own entertainment system offering you films and games. You can also take part in a one of more social acitivities or just go to the quiet room to work or read a book. We also have playgrounds for children.

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Excerpt from the ICTN's website

Power Generation

The same as other human starships, the Traveller is powered by fusion and zero-point reactors. However, because of its size, it has 3 fusion reactors. They are used to provide power to all of the ships systems including life support, artificial gravity and onboard entertainment for the passengers. The zero-point reactor provides power for the FTL Drive.


In sublight speeds the ship relies on fusion thrusters to move. In the aft section of the ship, there are four massive thrusters that push the ship forward. With them it can travel on a distance between Earth and Mars in about 4 months. Additionally, the ship has maneuvering thrusters which are usually used in close proximity to space stations

For faster-than-light speeds the ship uses the Alcubierre-Reynard Drive. The AR Drive works by warping spacetime around the ship allowing it to break the speed of light. The distance from Earth to Mars can be travelled in about 5 seconds, but usually it is 15 minutes because inside a star system ships always engage the AR Drive to half power. The reason is to reduce the risk of hiting anything.

Hangars & docked vessels

As the ITS Traveler was built in space and can't land on planets, it is equipped with 10 shuttles used for getting the passengers on and off the ship. Each shuttle can carry 100 passengers. Additionally, there are three cargo shuttles that are used to bring supplies from space stations to the ship.

Travel in Luxury
15 km
5 km
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
1500 passengers

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