Earth Orbital Station

Earth Orbital Station is a space station located in the Earth's orbit. It serves as the main transportation, trade and communications hub of the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies. It is also the main base of the Earth Colonial Navy.

The station was built in 2195, just a few years after the formation of the ECN. In the beginning of its existence it served just as a military and research outpost dedicated to construction of spaceships and FTL research. When the Alcubierre-Reynard Drive was invented and the first FTL ship launched in 2255 talks about adding civilian facilities to the station began. First such facilites were built in 2260 when Moon and Mars were colonized.


Sol Marketplace

Sol Marketplace is the main commercial place in the Sol System and probably the whole United Republic. It was placed on the station to not favor any city on Earth. One can buy almost anything on the marketplace. There are products from Earth, every human colony and even from alien worlds from the Galactic Federation and beyond.

New Warsaw beer! Tablets from Mars!
— Seller on the marketplace

Civlian Terminal

The Civilian Terminal is the main transportation hub of the United Republic. It is possible to get to almost any planet in the human and federal space from there. About 300 thousand passengers (both arriving and departing) come through it every day.

Earth Orbital Control

Earth Orbital Control coordinates all departures, arrivals and transits around the station and planet.

ECNS Thames, you are clear for departure. Contact FTL control when at start point
— Space Traffic Control operator

Naval Offices

Earth Space Command is located on the planet, in London. The Offices on the station are just administrative facilities as well as controls of the orbital defences.

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