Earth Colonial Congress

Earth Colonial Congress is the legislative branch of the United Republic's government. When it was founded in 2155 it was known simply as Earth Congress and had just one chamber. When first extraterrestrial colonies were established in the half of the 23rd century, the need for a reform appeared. The Congress was renamed to "Earth Colonial Congress" and a second chamber, for colonial representatives, was added. Since then there have been two chamber of the Congress, the Terran Chamber and the Colonial Chamber. They are equal and every law must be approved by both to pass.


Terran Chamber

The Terran Chamber consists of 195 representatives, one from each of the old countries of Earth, elected in general elections for a 5-year term. From among themselves they choose three of the Commissioners, one Vice-President and the President of the Council of Earth and its Colonies, which is the executive branch of the government. People chosen for these offices remain representatives.

Colonial Chamber

The Colonial Chamber has representatives from the 8 extraterrestrial colonies. Each colony has between 3 and 5 representatives depending on its population. They choose the other 3 Commissioners and the second Vice-President of the Council.


The Congress resides mostly in London. There are the representatives' offices and the legislature building for the both chambers. However, the Colonial Chamber is rarely 100% there. In most cases, its representatives are in their home colonies and connect with the parliament through holographic communicators.

Founding Date
2155 (as Earth Congress)
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Alternative Names
Parliament, Congress, Earth Congress (formerly)

Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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