Department of Extraterrestrial Colonies

Department of Extraterrestrial Colonies (DEC) is one of the goverment departments of the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies. As the name suggests it administrates the extraterrestrial human colonies as well as decides about new colonization projects.


At the head of the department stands a Commissioner, who is also a member of the Council of Earth and its Colonies which an executive body of the Earth's government. The Council is made up from 6 Commissioners, 2 Vice-Presidents and the President.

Office of Colonies

Office of Colonies is, probably, the most important part of the DEC as it coordinates all matters of the existing colonies. Any supply requests and citizen transfer requests are handled by the Office and its colonial branches.

Colonial Education Agency

The Colonial Education Agency (CEA) makes sure that the standard of education in all the colonies is the same and equal to the standard of education on Earth. The Agency also funds the construction of new schools and universities, and provides equipment to them.

Colonial Environment Agency

The Colonial Environment Agency (CVA) controls the levels of pollution in the colonies and makes sure that industries, homes and businesses are environment-friendly. They also cooperate with the Office of Colonization on the matter of determining the habitiablity of a planet.

Office of Colonization

Office of Colonization administrates all current colonization projects and plans new ones. They also procure supplies for the colony ships and oversee the recruitment of colonists.

Planetary Survey Agency

The Planetary Survey Agency (PSA) cooperates with the Colonial Environment Agency and the Explortation Corps of the Earth Colonial Navy in order to determine which planets are fit for colonization. When a planet is habitable, the PSA sends a team to the surface to conduct a detailed survey and find any potential dangers. The Agency was founded much later than the rest of the department. It was an answer to the hogweed found on New Warsaw.

Department of Transport Liaison Office

The DEC is constanlty cooperating with the Department of Transport in its operations. To make the communication easier a special liaison office was established. Its role is to relay information concerning transporting supply and people to colonies and colony ships between Departments.

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