Black Starship

Black Starship is an urban legend common in the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies. It refers to a starship painted in black which is said to abduct and murder people all over the United Republic's space. According to different versions of the legend, the ship is crewed by serial killers, krawk warriors, mad scientists or the satan himself. The ship is decribed as lacking any identification elements and being almost impossible to detect on sensors.

Ship's operations

According to the stories, the black starship docks at space stations pretending to be a trading vessel and lures people by offering them goods from far away star systems. When people approach the ship, they are knocked down by one of the crew members and locked in the cargo hold. Some people claim that the black starship's crew also kidnaps people aboard the station and brings them to the ship. Others say that they just kill people on the spot.

Abductions of children

According to some versions of the legend, the black starship mainly targets children. They claim that the ship's crew uses the children's blood as a cure for rich people suffering from leukemia. It also said that the black starship is used for the purpose of organ theft.


No tangible proof of the black starship has been presented to law enforcement authorities as well as there are no first hand reports of abduction victims. Everyone is saying that they heard that "a friend of a friend of a friend" was killed or kidnapped. However, the stories are treated seriously by many people. Tha belief is enforced by the fact that starships painted in black can indeed by seen docked at space stations. In most cases those ships belong to the intelligence services or wealthy buisnessmen.

Related Species

Black Volga

It is said that the story of the black starship is an adapted version of the legend about the Black Volga which was widespread in central and eastern Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. That story speaks of a black car used to abduct and murder people.

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