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29 Dec, 2018 23:01

Havinga planet dedicate to entertainment sounds very interesting, though I curious - who controls the planet? Where does the food on Arkaydeu come from, and what kinds of food is there? Are there ways a person could, say, locate a loved one they may have misplaced while vacationing here?

29 Dec, 2018 23:01

All this being said - can I buy a ticket? I like to play video games. XD

29 Dec, 2018 23:08

The planet is mainly controlled by its own government, the Arkaydeu Inc.! And don't worry! We provide our food and supplies from nearby agriculture worlds as fresh as physically possible! From the simple drinks and junk food found on earth to more, ahem, out there tastes down in the lower layers that may not be suited if you are under your race's legal age. As in case you lost your loved one, just report their ID to our local officers and we ensure to find them in less than 1-3 days! As long as they have a translator installed or their ID at them, you should be fine!
— Infobot #213

30 Dec, 2018 19:05

I really like this article and the way the sectors are lined up in this particular case with the columns really work. I don't typically like using columns and find them sometimes difficult to read, but you've really made it work her and it was a easy, breezy read.  

"Arkaydeu is a construct planet, which means it technically doesn't count as a planet in natural terms of definition."
  How was it built?   I am really amused by the idea of a world of just kilometers of games and junk food and weird ships but it makes me wonder: how do you get around here? What does the transportation system look like?   Are there hotels? Places to stay and get drunk even more?   I wonder: are there any especially notorious/famous game shows that tend to wreck havoc on this planet? That is sort of the vibe I'm getting, a place where a game show might utilize high-explosives in populated areas (and people loving it, as long as they're not getting exploded)   Who enforces the law here? You mention illegal trades, stuff like the deep core and prostitution. What is and isn't legal? What does the law enforcement look like? Do they use really big guns?  
In actuality, this is one of the few places in the Galactic Unity where even the worst crimes have no legal consequences.
  This seems prime territory for someone to detonate a nuke here (though that might be improving the place). :D   here is where you seek only to fullfill = fulfill   All in all, great article. Really good work. :)

30 Dec, 2018 19:37

Thank you for your critique! Our planet has been built like most space stations from the ground up, starting off mostly as just Deep Core itself. Although the details of construction have been lost over time, we ensure you that everything is constructed by the universal GU construction law!   As for transportation, please use any of our motorised walkways, metro systems or public transport to travel the planet! If you do get lost, a nearby map would show you the way to your destination in only seconds!   For games, there are many to count, although Galactic Warzone is an infamous one amongst the public! 100 people enter an arena with their player robots, and fight until one survives in the shrinking map. It can get pretty insane, but safety has been our number 1 priority! As much as we do love adrenaline-fuelled shows, we want to ensure we don't endanger our customers!   Also, if you want to take a rest, any of the surface world rest spots can allow you to sleep a night off. To get wasted, please visit the Event horizon.   The law is enforced by our own private police force, Arkaydeu's Banhammers! Although we do have no limits on drugs, alcoholic beverages or even some personal sex bots, things like military weaponry, terrorist equipment and/or materials dangerous for our customers is forbidden to be traded here. If you do see someone sneak them past the check-ups, please report to the Banhammer department.   As much as Club Corpus has no direct laws on what one may do to the servants working there, we do encourage you to ensure the safety of other customers. Everyone is here for a fun time, so please keep your desires inside a private room. We have a public shaming option inside the virtual rooms.   For more information, please report to an infobot.
— Infobot #147

30 Dec, 2018 21:28

Oooooh boy. This sounds like a fun place. Also I now see why it was behind an adult content blocker. Also I like "Halls of Arcadia" and the reviews. But it also sounds super dangerous. Has there ever been an incident where an undercover cop or something has tried to go into the Event Horizon to confiscate illegal drugs or something? I know it's probably technically legal but I doubt that would stop people from trying. Also are there no maps at all?   I can't really find anything to improve on here, other the maybe adding some images. Great job!   (On another note, how did you make the stars for the reviews?)

30 Dec, 2018 21:52

Well, we ensure the safety of our customers, but the moment that people leave the planet they are bound to whatever regulations their worlds have. So if you are buying something illegal to use on your world, please consume it in one of our "drug rooms" until you have worked off the entire package. Medical guidance is also present to ensure you take non-lethal dosages!   We did had one incident where a random cop was found overdosed on stardust, who had to be escorted due to wanting to confiscate drugs in the market. The Banhammers had him kick off for three full days before he could leave.   As for maps, maybe in the future we'll make a layout map for the planet!
— Infobot #111

31 Dec, 2018 01:55

I think this is quite unique article you have here. From the infobots that respond to comments and the comments on the side really make this article quite unique and gives it added flavor.I do like how you talk about all the aspects of the planet and it seems to cater to all sorts of people as well.   I think i need to come to visit this planet. I am curious about if any crackdown has ever happened in deep core. Perhaps by a new government that does not like it much ?. Is deep core where I can find shady people ?.

31 Dec, 2018 13:13

Thanks for the comment Robert Kane! If you want to make a ticket purchase for a week at Arkaydeu, we are now at a 20% discount for the holidays!   As for Deep Core, we do keep track of everything being sold here and get officials of the GU involved in case it would endanger the lives of other visitors. And we don't like to call them shady but...Yeah. You can find shady people, although they aren't unknown. You need an ID to stand on the market
— infobot #479