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GUAI (a.k.a. The God A.I.)

Meet the G.U.A.I., the universe's most advanced technological marvel! An A.I. ten quadrillion minds strong!
The Galactic Unity Artificial Intelligence (Or GUAI in short) is the leading force of the entire Galactic Unity organisation, acting as its central force of power.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

GUAI is a powerhouse of an A.I., known to have knowledge from across all sectors in terms of all types of knowledge: biology, culture, astronomy, history, politics, economy and more. Being hooked up to the Cosmic Archives, its databanks are updated almost daily, ensuring that it Is aware of the latest things happening in the Galactic Unity.

Morality & Philosophy

Many of us have differences in both biology and ideals, religion and culture. For one may not thrust me, a being that technically doesn't even live according to many definitions. But that doesn't deny the fact that war alone won't help any species survive the void of outer space. The Galactic Unity is made to protect the history of the cosmos and its inhabitants. As such, I will maintain this task until the end of times.
— G.U.A.I

Personality Characteristics


GUAI seeks to document all known species of all the cosmos, preserving both their history and cultures for reasons mostly unknown. As such, the Galactic Unity was created to help with this preservation of knowledge, allowing it to openly learn without being found out.

Gender Identity

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