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Selina Mirallis

Selina Mirallis is a Protector who operates out of New Alexandria. Formerly a member of the Order of Grimm, she quit the Order after her first sojourn to gather information. Having visited several settlements in danger from bandits, pirates, and wildlife, she decided to become a Protector instead. While most Protectors focus on their role as a social worker or a therapist, Selina focuses on defeating and imprisoning irredeemable threats to the populace, such as bandits and pirates. She is famous among the common people because of her penchant for sweeping in at the last second, defeating a handful of aggressors in hand-to-hand combat, and restoring order to a besieged settlement.   Selina Mirallis is a Second-Tier Strong Protector who Crashes Through Gates.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Selina inhabits a Fury morph most of the time designed for strength and speed. She has greater-than-average levels of both of these things. Selina is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, both unarmed and with heavy blunt weapons - her weapon of choice is an old-Earth-style metal bat. She's an adept psychologist, with keen insight into human motivations and behavior, and also a proficient programmer capable of using unsecured networked systems to accomplish her goals.

Mental characteristics


Selina has not taken advantage of the full twenty years of education owed to her as a native New Alexandrian. She has, however, studied human psychology for several years. During her time as a Grimm, she studied information technology and computer programming as well, so she has a passing familiarity with manipulating networked technology.


Selina spent three years as a Grimm, starting in her teenage years. She worked as an archivist while she attended the self-defense training all Grimms are required to take, and then set out on her first pilgrimage to gather information. On her pilgrimage, she traveled to Tandoori to attempt to find more Maeglin installations to record. While she was there, she spent most of her time defending settlers from bandits who lived in the hills.   When she returned from Tandoori she quit the Grimms - she felt that the mission of the Grimms was too passive and ignored the real threats to people. She joined New Alexandria's Protectors that same year, qualifying easily with her Grimm training. She's worked as a Protector ever since, taking an aggressive stance against violent criminals, bandits, pirates, and other undesirable elements that threaten peoples' safety.

Personality Characteristics


To protect innocent civilians from those who would purposefully do them harm.

Likes & Dislikes

Selina likes eating rich, oily food in large quantities and drinking mead or cider. She likes athletic training and spending time on the town with her friends. She dislikes thieves, arsonists, drug dealers, and violent criminals. She also dislikes bureaucratic red tape.   When she's alone, Selina likes to visit the ocean or New Alexandria's parks. During her time as a Grimm she accidentally got into plant identification and she likes to examine plants she finds.

Current Location
New Alexandria
Date of Birth
Autumn, Nordic Frog Year 215
Biological Sex
Green, suspicious
Long, thin, straight, dyed purple
Skin Tone
Pale, freckled
5' 10"
165 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Pirates only want three things - your valuables, your pain, and your misery."

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