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Morning gathering or evening prayer   We still battle for a season fair   We still huddle in the freezing air   For a summer that’s not even there   If the sun won’t rise on our horizon   We’ll march on to spite the skies and   Find that wheel of progress so well worn   Brought us no shelter from the storm
  The world of the Frostlands takes place in the year 1984, 10 years after the end. The world has been engulfed in a massive storm, dropping the temperatures to well below zero. Citizens escaped the failing cities and fled, eventually founding the Generator City. It is the only known one of its kind, and its small and feeble population are all that's left of the world we used to call home.   This world has been created for a Frostpunk-inspired D&D Roleplay Campaign. All credits for the game, official imagery, and the like goes to 11-Bit Studios, the creators of the game.  


The intro rhyme comes from Dan Bull's + The Stupendium's Faith vs Order Rap Battle. All credit to them.   The Header Image was created by Timofeev Pavel. All credit to the artist.

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