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The capital city of the Outland Empire, Cynrik is the youngest and smallest of the world's three remaining capitals but still easily the largest city of the East. It was founded shortly after the treaty between the demons, dragons, orcs, and dark elves and offers shelter to all villainized creatures of the world. Of course, this leads to its own set of problems. The Empire isn't trusted by the other two nations and it's barely keeping itself together as it is. Many people also believe that it was the Empire who caused the Frost. It wouldn't be unlikely with their history of dark magic.


The largest population in Cynrik is orcs. They make up approximately 45% of the total population. Tieflings, or people of demonic decent, average about 30% of the population. Humans make up for 13% of Cynrik's population since humans literally refuse to die out and elves, both dark and regular make up the remaining 12%. There are no Seraphim in Cynrik and all the dragons died out many years ago.


Cynrik is ruled by an Emperor or Empress. Literally. No one knows which it is. The Emperor/Empress works in shadow. They are a cunning force, pulling strings and striking deals in the dark. It is said that they are more force of nature than mortal. Some even suspect that the Emperor/Empress is a dragon, who were believed to have died out centuries ago. What is truly known about them is few and far between. The rumors go both ways, sometimes the Emperor is a good and noble person who saved the Empire, while other times it's a merciless Empress. Maybe it's both. Or neither. No one knows for certain.


The lands surrounding Cynrik are infertile and bad for harvest, the mountains there offer no riches, and their only benefit to being there is their delay the Frost in its descent upon Cynrik. There are very few trees, those that had been there have been cleared out to make the buildings. So how do the people of Cynrik make a living? The same thing they've been doing for centuries. Orcs had perfected the art of war before war was given a name. Tieflings are swindlers with silver tongues. Together, they make for some of the best weapon's dealers the world can imagine. Cynrik is known for hosting some of the best blacksmiths in the world and is a hub of trade as it does not have Eblisi's high tariffs or Aasimon's ridiculous wait and scanning processes. It's a wild and chaotic place, which imports and exports for profit and is ruled by shady gangs, turned nobility, and an Emperor/Empress who never shows their face.

Guilds and Factions

Unlike the other two capitals, Cynrik does not host that many factions. They are all united in how the rest of the world has "Othered" them. Made them into dark beings. Of course, there are some underlying racial tensions, but a majority of the time, the orcs, tieflings, elves, and humans who all live in Cynrik, all get along relatively well.   The guilds on the other hands, don't play quite as nice. There are four major guilds inside of Cynrik, all of which are run by one of the noble families. Two are orcs, one's a tiefling, and the final is a dark elf. These noble families pretty much run all business in Cynrik and have ultimate power, unless the Emperor/Empress steps in. Most of the time, they don't. The only rule is that any merchant is welcome, so long as they don't mean the citizens of Cynrik harm. Truth serums have been developed to help this process move more swiftly. Trade isn't always reliable and the guilds of Cynrik are always looking for another thing to help cement their power and the wealth of the Empire.


The legends and myths of how Cynrik came to be are mostly overdramatized retellings. Much like Aasimon, the creation of Cynrik is shrouded in mystery. It is said that Cynrik was founded when a dragon united the warring tribes of the East under one banner. Whether or not this dragon was evil or even existed at all, is up for debate. Many scholars believe it was a metaphor or a nickname for the true founder of Cynrik, who much like the current founder, kept their identity hidden. It is tradition for all of the rulers to do this in honor of the first one. Just before the Emperor/Empress dies, they reveal their face to the people of Cynrik and choose a successor from any house that is not already connected to the nobility by passing the Dragon's Scepter onto them. The scepter is said to bestow the Dragon's Wisdom onto the current Emperor/Empress. Whatever this means, it seems to make all of the Emperors/Empresses behave eerily similar to one another.


To say Cynrik is chaotic is to say that a dragon is a pretty big dog. Wrong. It's more so. It's a place teeming with different cultures and peoples constantly interacting and sharing ideas. It's a place where deals are struck and enemies come to make peace. The architecture reflects that blending of cultures. There is a focus on dark stone, partially because that is what's available, and partially because it's what the orcs had always used to build. There are less towers and decorative pieces and more of a focus on simplicity and structure. For whatever reason, they love circles. Domes. Spheres. And walls. These are all relatively common design features. The palace is a relatively large building, made in a perfect circle, with nine walls surrounding it. Inside the walls there are gardens, each more beautiful than the next. In the center, it's empty. The Emperor/Empress moves around the palace, sleeping in a different chamber each night and always flanked by guards. The Emperor/Empress also constantly keeps their face covered.


Cynrik lies just beyond the edge of the Frost. Having said that, there is not much which exist there. The seas are filled with all kinds of monstrous beasts, which the people of Cynrik slay and eat and there are few rivers. The ground has many hills and grasses and the roads are relatively safe. Cynrik wants to make sure that merchants are able to arrive in the city safely. It's a beautiful land, with black mountains of onyx lining the horizon in the North and deep blue waves kissing against the Eastern coast. Much more beautiful than people give it credit for.

The Emperor/Empress

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