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A small village resting in the very center of the world. It's one of those places that no one intends on going to but always ends up anyway. It's a meeting point for travelers and where some of the world's greatest adventures began. Or at least according to local legend that is.


Like most of the Seraphim Faction, Bellechulish is comprised of mostly humans. 80% of the village is made up of humans. Seraphim make up 8% followed by elves who also make up 8%. The remaining 4% goes to Outlanders. This is, ironically enough, the largest percentage of Outlanders in any other city of the Seraphim Faction.


As it is a part of the Seraphim Faction, Bellechulish is ruled by the Seraph King. However, the town is in Governer Flintfoot's territory and has elected a mayor and a council of elders in order to deal with small, local issues. The Governor only comes around in order to collect taxes and occasionally check on the state of the guard. The Seraph King never leaves the capital and the village jokes that he doesn't even know that they exist.


Bellechulish is the meeting point between the three nations of the world. As such, it gains a lot of profit from travelers and merchants who pass through. It's a place that you stop at to restock supplies or spend a night at an inn instead of sleeping on the ground. It's relatively tolerant of the other races. Relatively being the key word. It's relatively compared to the rest of the Seraphim Faction. Elves are still spectacles and Outlanders are still monsters. It also does its fair share of farming and fishing, but it's small scale and too close to the Frost for it to be of any, real profit.


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