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Victoria Ivanna Jones

Physical Description

Physical quirks


Special abilities

Gravity and molecular controlling powers. Singularity gained her powers through exposure to an alien weapon that malfunctioned.   Enhanced Strength and Stamina: The shards of the weapon that was embedded in her skin have greatly improved her strength and stamina.   Flight: Singularity can fly at speeds of up to 250mph.   Molecular Control: Singularity can cause herself to become insubstantial due to the control of her own molecules.   Molecular Modification: Singularity can modify her clothing to what she needs or desires.   Immunities: The shards of the weapon modified her cellular structure giving her immunity to aging, disease, poisons, and sleep. she also no longer needs to fear the vacuum of space or other environmental dangers.   Gravatic Blast: Singularity can fire blasts of gravitic energy that will cause damage to all in its path. She has mastered the blasts to a point she can use it to move objects by controlling the gravity around it. Create areas of singularities on a local scale, amongst others.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Victoria grew up the spoiled brat of a United States Senator and an Heiress mother. Never wanting for anything she saw the power of manipulation first hand with her mother manipulating her father and her many side lovers. Her mother wanting to make sure that her daughter had the finest things and a life she made sure to teach her well.   Through school, she manipulated her way to the heights of popularity and had many of her teachers eating out of her hands allowing her to glide through school though she was intelligent enough to make sure she could still do the work the real fun was the manipulation. Choosing to go to college to study psychology with the idea of becoming a Dr. of Sexual therapy she found a new calling in the profiling of others.   Finishing school she was accepted to the FBI's Criminal Profiling unit. having the unparalleled success she was on a mission to help with potential on the spot analysis she came into contact with an alien weapon that would manipulate gravity. The device failed in its intent lodging shards into her body including bones that gave her the powers she had. using this as a chance to make her way out and into a life that she deserved she found her way to hammer and quickly moved up the ranks by skill and power until she achieved the rank of second in command.


Dr. In behavioral psychology


Second in command of Hammer Still maintains a Medical Practice under assumed identities.

Intellectual Characteristics

Skills: Close Combat (Unarmed), Deception, Expertise ( Behavioral Sciences, Criminal, Current Events, Profiling), Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, Ranged Combat (Gravity Powers).

Metahuman Threat Scale: GOLD-12
Emerald City Washington
Current Residence
Undisclosed Location (Thought to be in the USA)
Biological sex
Gender Identity
Long Red
135 lbs
Aligned organization
Known languages
English (Native), German, Russian
Identity not known to any government due to being thought dead in the mission that she gained her powers.

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Creation Notes:

  I won't lie, This character is a rip off of marvels Moonstone, I love the character, One of the few evil women that remained evil and manipulative when she went "Good" for brief periods of time. with the knowledge of psychology and the will to use it in nefarious ways, it makes for a good villain. another character that needs its own special art at some point.


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