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The Fell Brotherhood

The Fell Brotherhood is the name given to a number of allied groups of tieflings, and occasionally other races that make their homes in and around Ironwall and the Kingdom of Oster. Their members are principally composed of merchants and entertainers.


  • Tieflings roam about in "clans" (although members are almost never related by blood), and the organization only exists in the sense that the clans have a mutual respect for one another.
  • Clans are usually nomadic, traveling in merchant caravans or entertainers' troupes. They sometimes make permanent homes on the outskirts of cities like Ironwall and Falkryst.
  • Clans usually interact and have quasi-diplomatic relations in the interest of safety or commerce. Tieflings are more devoted to their immediate clan than the greater Brotherhood.

Public Agenda

  • Since the Fell Brotherhood has no real collective structure, they have no universal goals. Most members just want to earn a living while escaping the harsh judgment of humans.
  • Some more radical clans actively hate the power structures of their homes, and take more drastic and violent measures to get what they want. Most clans don't condone this behavior, but it has earned the tieflings a reputation for criminal intent.
  • The good-aligned clans are charitable to the oppressed and downtrodden, taking it upon themselves to induct non-tieflings into their fold. One might find honorary members of the Fell Brotherhood that are halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and other outcast or lonely folk.


Tieflings have been persecuted for their strange appearance and connection to the Lower Planes as long as they have existed. The name "Fell Brotherhood" is a rather mocking depiction of the "dark magic" with which tieflings are associated. Without a shared heritage, the Brotherhood has provided the only social body for tieflings to interact with the world, providing them with opportunities and a social infrastructure that folk desperately need to overcome their circumstances. When Ironwall was founded, many tieflings flocked to the area to seek new opportunities and establish themselves on the ground floor, which is why there are now so many tieflings associated with the Fell Brotherhood in the region.

Social, Brotherhood / Sisterhood

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